MAGFest 2024 - Boundless Meetup

Location: National Harbor, Maryland. Gaylord Hotel
Time: January 18th - 21st, 2024
Meetup goals: I have 10 Pens which are being custom made, each pen will have MAGFest’s Logo on it, and a custom Engraving of an Oortian head on it. Each pen runs 38$ but these will be free for those who come out to the event for the Boundless Meetup.
Why am I doing this?: I like meeting my friends in real life. You all are my extended family! And I want to make sure you get SOMETHING from coming to the US, or the East Coast-- or a good Memory from the Glitch World Guild!
Covid Rules: No proof oif Vaccines required, No Mask is required, HOWEVER you are welcome to get your boosters updated and wear a mask as needed.

It’s no Buffs, Coin, or Oort [Though that could be something in the future!], but it is good time with a Science Fiction, Gaming, Music, event that lasts for 4-days [Thursday - Sunday] for 24 hours a day!

If you are interested in attending, we can add your character’s head as the engraved part, but if you aren’t for-sure in attending then the pen cannot be guarenteed for your characters head/face.

Let me know if this is something you would wanna do. :slight_smile: Of course as I get more information I will update this post!


(O.O) you should share some photos of your creations to get the “Handcrafter” Title on the forums Nonie-chan Boop!


Gaylord Hotel? Say less, I’m there :smirk:


Once there are dates announced then I will be more than happy to fly in and enjoy warmer temperatures!

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Dates released today! January 18th - January 21st!

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If money was not a problem I would
Have said yes. But maybe someday I hope :heart:

One day I will! I need to get posting some of my art. But these pens are being custom made by a co-worker.

Haha! It’s a wonderful hotel and it has the attachment to the convention center. There are even instructions of how to get there by boat. Haha!

Funny enough I made this post NOT expecting the dates to be released the same day for the event… I still don’t know what the Covid policies will be for this event, so still more information to collect to share, BUT I am excited!

If not this year then a future year! This event doesn’t seem to be going away and even if it’s just one place for folks to meet up, at least some folks are trying. :slight_smile: I just wanna meet some friends from the online world and have fun together. Maybe make some long-term real life friends of the folks who come out and hang. :slight_smile: You and I have spoken before about your finances, and no worries. :slight_smile: One day you’ll be fine!

If someone can afford it, it’s not against the ToS to do. Since all you are doing is paying someone for their time and skill. Now if they are also providing materials, then you are technically buying in-game items for money, Which IS against the ToS. Same with buying coin. Also very frowned upon. So if you know someone is buying game items, or coin for real money, please report those folks to the devs/staff so they can be handled appropriately. But if you are saying someone is paying for skill and time, well man-- it’s almost like it’s a job someone is paid for. Good on them for paying their hired work. Though unsure how this really relates to the topic. Seems more like someone trying to throw shade.


Is that not already next year :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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By technicality 2023’s Boundless meetup already happened. So the next event would be 2024, yes. But as you stated “A future year” means could be 2025, 2026, 2030? anything beyond the current planning.

I meant that if not this year, when you said this year it happened already, but all good it seems you don’t get me haha :laughing:
Or I don’t get you, which I would assume more

Let this comment act as express written consent for Nonie to give my booty one firm squeeze during the weekend of January 18-21, 2024, with options for a second and third squeeze. Thank you.

Oh yea- I’m in for this! No joke I was on a little family road trip to/from Indiana last week and something reminded me of that convention center and the first time you brought the idea forth.

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Oh man does this make me excited! We can share a beer together in person! [And mutual booty grabs!]


Small update!
Covid rules have been updated. No proof of Vaccines will be required this year, nor will the enforcement of wearing a mask.

I will still wear one personally while working at the event, but all others are welcome to make their own choice.

:slight_smile: So far the following members are confirmed:
Ovis ??


Interesting not sure if I’ll be able to swing it ore not, but I’ll have to keep it in mind. I think i have a wow friend near that area too so could be a chance to meet people from multiple communities…

I hope you all have a good time !

Good amount :ok_hand:

Ooo Maryland, eh? My neighbor :thinking: I could swing this. :thinking:

#JOINUS!!~ – No but seriously, I am super excited to get a buncha friends together!

Would love to have you and friends come join us for a fun event! :slight_smile:

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On my radar. Have to figure out details and logistics. Sounds fun!


website can be found at – you click on which event-- Super is the one I am talking about-- and you can get details.

Pricing isn’t out yet it’ll be out in October I think for event pricing. BUT I will post an update when I know more for pricing of the event. I know they offer group pricing as well, so if you get a buncha folks together, they do have discounts