Magic or shaman abilities?

Hi devs,

Just curious if getting some type of magic in the game is an idea you have toyed with?

I think it would be fun to have a boundless magic system or even just shaman type abilities if we stick with the tribal feel.

I think it would be an enjoyable idea. Not sure of the scope or if it’s even a possibility. Just thought it would be interesting.

I used to love the thaumaturge mods for minecraft.


I would personally love it to have several high level shamans be able to group cast for a meteor to come target the region- essentially force a hunting event.


I’d like it! I’d like some shamans who can summon mobs and stuff

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I summon mobs by walking into a region.
Kneel before the greatest Meteor Shaman and Mob Master (of Disaster).

Yes a type of emote we preform to summon meteors and mobs. Such as this person did to summon a storm!



but to keep it balanced in some ways it should require several people to all join in on the ceremony. think like 10 peeps and it will summon a meteor even if one had already been summoned

think of it like an Oortian Rain dance

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As far as I know classic magic doesn’t fit the games theme of long lost technology found and recovered by us.

But we all know Arthur C. Clarke’s 3rd law:

There is a way around this. The game Gothic had runes which looked a bit like crystals with a symbol in them. They could be equipped and used like tools or weapons, but instead of hitting a rock or repairing a machine they cast a spell.

I can see this system be a perfect fit for Boundless, since it fits right into the current game’s systems and doesn’t need any new UI or buttons. It also doesn’t make us magical beings. Runes could just be another tool to build and equip. Crafted in an alchemy-like way like potions or forging ingredients with a final step in the compactor.
They can also have limited durability like bombs.
They can be sold …
They can be … forged … (takes cover)



That is a very interesting take on it, and I could like that type of magic system too. I think a blend of technology seeming like magic could be awesome too. I would like stuff such as magic floating lights for decor (not a block, but like an orb style ball of light floating in air). Or being able to cast abilities. The crafted rune magic would be interesting.

A lack of magic in boundless is a breath of fresh air to me. Don’t get me wrong I love magic in games. My currant d&d character is a gnome/wizard. In vidio games I always play a mage if possible.
I like the idea of forgotten technology’s looking like magic. New totem enhancements with chain lightning or fire ball effects could be explained as science, chemistry, and physics.
#spark cannon

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Yup, I would be fine if they did a technology spin on it. I think it could totally fit and be reasonable. Lost technology from ancient civilizations or old oort tech that when combined or powered created interesting abilities. At that point it’s not magic, but appears like magic

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It could be introduced multiple ways too. Either exploration finds, builder or crafter capability. Or maybe a new research style skills that unlock future tech or ancient tech or experimental tech. Not sure. Just brain storming.

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The three types of tech fragments/devices could be used to power them or craft them. Would be interesting

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It would be interesting if we could harness the energy of the gems, like blast and burn, etc using some kind of ancient tools that unleashes that energy, so players could make a fireball using the power of burn by using the tool to harness that energy into a physical form.

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Awesome idea

Well if we are thematically going with tech and science over magic stuff then allow us to craft a totem ammo or something of that nature where if a bunch of people set them off simultaneously in the same area then it will trigger a meteor spawn. I’m looking for some other way around the whole “wander the planet and trigger regions to make the meteors fall”
I also think it would be neat because it would make for more regular hunting groups to gather and easily start a meteor hunt from wherever they are.