Magically drawn runes/spells

I came up with a combat system that I have never seen before: Magically drawn runes. The player has to find ( in treasure chests for instance) and learn them. Once learned the player can draw those magic signs in the air, on the floor or on a wall.
there would be many runes like element and curse runes. The player would be able to combine two (or more) runes. for instance a fire rune and a cage rune would create a fire cage around the target.
the player could also add runes to his weapons to enhance durability or add speacial perks to it.

I don’t know if it’s even possible but I think it would be epic

I am not a native speaker but I hope you get what I mean :smiley:


How about runes, which written on a ground (or on a walls)? Pattern recognition system, handwritten symbols etc… :smile:


i imagine it would be hard as hell but pretty cool.

Maybe something like the runic dust mod to minecraft?

well kinda :smiley: I like the dust idea :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a quite interesting concept if you had a template you could place dust where it told you to or you could just learn the exact form and do it without.

there could be two different types of runes: The dust runes and the mana runes.
While the mana runes can only be used to attack/defend yourself the dust runes are used for big rituals.
what do you think?

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I don’t really know if dust would be necessary in any way but the mod had a quite good solution to the problem about drawing runes and making them work.

Funny you should mention runes, we have something planned to do with ancient Oort glyphs…


Could you share some details with us? :smiley:

Ooooh interesting :slight_smile:

now you are being kinda mean Ben XD

but i would like to have a rune/glyph magic and traps.

so a hunter/rogue might make bear traps, poison traps whatever

while mages can place runes on the ground so when you step on it an elemtental effect happens.

It might be easier if the glyphs need to be prepped beforehand like on a talisman or a scroll rather than making a system to draw it live in the field

that way you could place the glyph in the environment to go off when touched or cast it yourself

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How’s about a system for combination of spell-tokens to add effects? … I remember some Pen&Paper-RPGs or games where you can build new spells by adding effects or components. Best example known by most people would be the elder scrolls (2-4), where you can add every effect you know, but for oort it would be better to use the system of an old p&p I remember (german name is Plüsch-Power & Plunder, a game where you play teddies). There you could collect rune-tokens as a caster and each token was a component, like “fire”, “water”, “life”, “range”, … And if you wanted to cast a spell you had to combine the effects of the tokens. Why not have craftable spell-tokens which can be combined by crafting to better spells?

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that sounds horribly complicated, but still pretty awesome.

Liiiiiike… This?

Actually, there are many anime and games with spell casting like that!
We could use them as templates/examples. :smiley_cat: