Magnet Thrower

I just had a gameplay idea about how to implement limb based aiming into the game. It basically consists of 3 components.

  • a magnet thrower
  • magnets as amunition
  • magnetic blocks which can be build into walls or structures

The gameplay could turn out following:

Throw, shoot, or stick (stealth mode) a magnet at the foe, opponent or creature. The magnet adheres at the body part. While walking by a magnetic block, the limb with the little magnet on it gets attracted and attached. One could for example set up a magnetic block on a higher level, apply magnetic ammo to a creature, which then unknowingly walks by this prepared magnetic block and shwoop the target hangs upside down at the magnet block.

For sniper positions this also could turn out fun, because the target might already be standing at a magnet block, so all you would need to do is sniping a sticky magnet at the object and it immediately gets trapped or ‘glued’ to the magnet block.

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I remember you suggesting something like this in the past. :smile:
Glad it made its way to the forum.

Thanks Cyan :slight_smile: The idea is not bad, but maybe a little weird. Need to to work it out more.

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Sounds fun, but then you’d need to take in consideration enemy weights, so you can’t just magnetize everyones face so easily.