Mailboxe suggestion

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Would it be possible for there to be a better way to notify players of a pending PM from our mailboxes… I have missed most, and the players ive sent them too have also missed the PM.


We have a list of improvements planned. Improving how the read counts are cleared is included.


If i may make a minor suggestion, it would be nice to be able to PM someone while standing in their beacon - a button below the “report beacon” button in the menu, that allows you to PM the owner of the beacon your standing in

This would also partially solve the issue of beacon land disputes


Thank you for your quick response! Look forward to them.


There should be a flag that gets raised when yiy have messages.

Its another ridiculous choice on the devs part to not have any notification system.

I guess they think we’re all clairvoyant.


I have colored dots with numbers alert me to messages in my channels. I miss them sometimes. I heard they are going to update the notifications.


Just out of interest, how are we alerted if we have a message from the mail box? Is it only the alt that the mail box belongs to that sees the message and does it just flash up when they are near it or do they have to do something to actually check if there are any messages?


You’ll get a pm channel from the person that used your mailbox and it’ll say what location they used. So there is a little purple notification number that will pop up on the chat showing you have unread messages


Do you know how long they last for if unread?


30 days I believe. It would be the same amount of time as all the other pm channels. @james posted it in the update with the mailboxes but it’s not in the notes so it must be a comment in there. I’ll dig for it later unless you want to look or if James responds before that it saves us both :joy:


Thanks FireAngelDth, just curious, not really expecting any messages as my build is a bit out of the way, but it’s good to know :+1: