Major cities?

What are some major cities and their locations? Particularly shopping district cities.
I’m not talking about portal shopping networks. I’m talking about walking down the road, seeing the shops lined up.

If there’s a link that already lists this, please send it my way.
Or just start advertising here, mayors.

I ask bc I’ve been considering opening up a shop, but I want ppl to be able to get to it even if I can’t refuel my portal.
I have an idea for merchandise, but I’m gonna have to stock up for a bit and possibly reset my skills. Figured I’d at least get some ideas on where might be some good locations until then.

Also, how many plots does the average city allow for a shop?

one is in ultima city HQ on lamblis. you have 3 places here 1 shop portal hub, then a shoping alley with several shops next to each other, and riverwalk alley with several shops lined in This updates automatically on the hour,
but @zerosanity’s one also has coords, so that’s handy…

Edit: these aren’t specifically shopping cities though

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When I think of city, I think of a metropolis with tall buildings and such. I like to think that most of “cities” in this game is more like surbuban sprawl :slight_smile:

The game, for whatever reason, leans more toward horizontal builds than vertical builds

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Do you think this is because it is easier to plot horizontally than vertically? Or is it more complicated, tall cities are normally the result of population density? Or is it more basic, we do not have anything to fill a tall building with? We have workshops, storage and stores. No need for apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants, or the other places that occupy towers in cities.

Edit. I have noticed the same thing you have, the cities tend to be low rise.

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Something that I have noticed, and it isn’t a complaint, just observation, is that there are lot of very nice buildings, some have the shopping stands up, but nothing to sell. It is as if they built it then just walked away.
My son and I will go through that portal again two or three days later (real time days) and they are still empty,
I’d love to see a type of shopping mall where you could go and see several stores that sell various items at a fair price. Saw a gold fist for over 2,000 coins at a shop, couple days later at another one found one for almost 3,000 coins, then see one elsewhere for around 1,500, stop at a smaller store at a settlement and they wanted 900 coins. Was in one of the larger hubs where there are shops and saw one for 1,000 bought it. Next day my son come dashing into my base telling me to come with him. A store had gold fist for 575, had machines needed, refinery, compactor, and a couple of others all much lower than in other stores.
Get off my soapbox, really frustrating to see such price gouging. And when a player wants 3,000 coin for a item and someone else sells it for 600 coins, that is, in my opinion, price gouging. Same as with the spooky seeds.

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Thanks for the links! Huge eye-opener.

And as far as shop/city design, I guess when I look at a shop, I would like everything to be on the main floor. If you’re gonna have your workshop there too, put it on another level. It reduces clutter and makes things easier to find.
If I have to go up and down stairs or down halls I tend to lose interest.
I suppose how wide it is depends on how much product variety you’re selling. Against what I said earlier, if you’ve got a hand in just about everything, I can see different levels or wings being needed to keep it organized without sprawling out and taking over a large area of land only 1-2 plots high.

Black light has several shopping areas opening up if you’re still looking come check it out.

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This is something I have been attempting to do since I started playing, granted I don’t have any desire to have a shop but I did setup an area that can house 32 (10 are being used) more physical shopping locations. It’s almost like everyone is hard coded to think portals are the only way to get business and advertise your wares. I have a portal system set up in Ultima hub as well that I maintain for the Riverwalk Plaza, you don’t have to worry about a portal if you don’t want to. It is a walk and shop layout. You can’t get much closer to the economic hub if you are physically in it. And there are quite a few visitors even though there are very few shops currently.

I’ll give that one a looksee later today. Organized roads are becoming a huge decision factor.

I guess I am being dense, but I don’t know what planet you are on. Would like to visit, but gotta know where.

Finata, Ultima City.

Specific to shopping cities or not, those are really handy links. Thank you!

In a city its somewhat cheaper to plot vertical, land rental costs etc. As well as being closer to amenities.

In this game its more beneficial to plot horizontal. - To a certain extent. Movement horizontal for example is much faster than vertical stairs. Plus securing more territory for smaller settlements at least is useful, whereas irl it doesn’t work the same :D. You can’t just bang a beacon down and say mine irl :smiley: If you could, you may see much more spread out cities real life too.

Though I was hoping for path and road blocks which increase movement for awhile, which would help with movement speed, special stair blocks which increase movement would be welcome as well. Honestly though over time we may see denser settlements, but that would take time I think.

Regarding these large city builds, how come I don’t see one that encourages a town center approach whereby the shops are all lumped into the middle and they are surrounded by the residents? This would be easier for customers to see everything at a glance rather than portal through all of these hubs. And it’s easy on the shop owner from a logistical standpoint. And most importantly, you have a place that feels lively.

Is it simply a case that it’s hard for most people to build an active settlement that consist of shop owners?

Its just hard to set up enough space. Blacklight had one, but outgrew the area set up for it.


I’ve wondered the same thing. Did they not build it with the concept of having a settlement with others moving there and think of future needs, or did the players want to have their own little place but be part of a settlement? Not expect it to grow into a city and now have a mess of a city?

It makes it hard when you visit a settlement/city and see the shop sign over buildings all over the place. I don’t even bother to run all over. And portals, there should be a central locations with Large Signs that says they are here and they actually be there. Have been in several towns and then I came through the portal didn’t pay attention (my fault) and not realize it was a “hub” but some spot in some random area and not marked so I could find it later.
If you want traffic, want customers, and are planning on having a settlement/city then set the center of your base with plots that are bought but no one builds anything there but stores, clearly marked portals to other planets and the main hubs.
If it grew to be a large city, then get together and move some of the buildings out to another area, surrounding the city, that helps players to see them from far away. Put the shops in the center so visiting players can get to them and shop. Just my opinion.

Black light currently is moving towards my original plans. I just had to stop because people occupied everything around the center of the city. Black light was supposed to have 8 districts, 9 with the center one with its own unique theme and markets in each. Is not as big as old Therka Market but is getting there and much better organized :wink:


Lots of reasons. To name a few;

  • land grabbing mentality post launch. People were quick to launch and grow their settlement/guild but they didn’t think about smart growth
  • It’s difficult to implement thematic builds because players want to design things their way. Some want a gleam tower. Others are happy with a mud hut. I’d like a thematic build but what are the odds of finding people who will agree with my vision?
  • Game mechanics limits us . I’d rather a mechanic that allows me to rent a few plots out and then take it back rather than give a beacon to a player who will do whatever she pleases which may not always be in the best interest of the city

If the devs fix the prestige and settlement annexation issue as well as allow for renting of plots and guild features, I believe it could propel future mayors towards a city that focuses on smart growth.


I’d like to see a city that is only shops. No workshops, no houses. (I’d say a small personal portal home on the shop location would be acceptable.)
Geeze, I was thinking of this all day and I wish I had the time and resources to do it.
Premade roads would have to be made, and set aside shop alleys. Can have roads for 2x2 shops, and roads for 3x2. I’d say anyone needing more space should go up, otherwise we get Wal-Mart’s everywhere.
Everything would spread out from a central portal hub, connecting to a few other major hubs.
Heck, I even thought of a central “plaza” area for ppl who only want a 1 plot spot. This would be a nice open area with only shop stands, though they’d have to be put down in a specific layout so it doesn’t look cluttered. (The layout I have in mind would give 12 stands while still having 4 spaces between the next bunch on every direction)
Of course it would need a large area of flat land. Could either dig into the landscape, or build in the sky, but both of these still have a high risk of running into small settlements or random beacons. So probably the best place would be over a large body of water, bc personally I’ve rarely seen any builds under or over water, but I do see endless oceans.

Aaahhh… someone needs to make this happen!