Make magnet it's own separate gum

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My suggestion is RNG I bad enough with forging. Glow is it own specific gum “Glow Gum”, magent should be “Attraction Gum”. Take magnet out of special gum is my suggestion/request.


Fixed the typo in your title.

Wish I could say I’m in line with you but I don’t forge nor have I ever used the forge. So it’s all a foreign language to me :sweat_smile:

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Magnet is under the special gum, which is the same gum that Flankers Force (AOE) falls under.

I tend to agree, magnet boon is the bane of my existence for AoE tools, changing it would definitly make forging easier.


Not essential, but it would be nicer. Honestly, im on the fence with regard to making forging either harder or easier. Perhaps if AOE was made the max level rather than random, and magnet was also split free. That might keep the balance…

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Forging is definitely a pain and it is completely frustrating at times. However, your suggestion is (imo) a bit to streamlined. There should be a level of difficulty/frustration involved. Also, if you take magnet out of special where are you going to place it? Effect gum, then make damage harder to get.?

Instead of tryna to eliminate rng i would suggest making it more manageable. For ex. Make boon removal not able to reroll into the same unwanted buff.


My post specifically states that I suggest make magnet under it’s own gum…such as Attraction gum. Just like how there is a glow gum for glow. There does need to be a challenge to forging but when you roll magnet a dozen times in a row that’s a bit to much that’s not a challenge, that is not enjoyable at all.

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This is a problem with almost all boons and gums, not just the special gum. I think it’d be unfair for slingbows and other boon combinations if aoe is given special treatment. I’m not against making it easier, just think it should be more uniform.


Forging should be hard. Its how you make the most powerful end game content. And its just a really long crafting process if theres no rng. The frustrating rolls make the good ones better, it wouldnt be as fun if it just did what you wanted every time.


I will disagree, would be frustrated that after making 100 items that I am not better at making forged items and can still get bad items. If forging was a skill then I should get better. Different players feel very different about the RNG aspect and the fact that very expensive ingredients can end up wasted or you have to spend more to “re-roll”.

edit: but to the OP, I am fine with making the forge more reliable to get the characteristics players want.


Can you make good tools too or were 100 out of 100 bad?

Thats the thing with rng, sometimes its good, sometimes its bad.

I know of people making near perfect rift tools. Its not all luck.

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I agree the RNG is the reason it is bad sometimes and good sometimes. Other than that it is a recipe. follow steps 1 - 10 to get the best expected result. Have skills a, b and c set in a certain way to maximize your possible results.

edit: Lots of threads and posts to explain how to increase your odds of getting the best results

I guess that’s my view, without the rng kicking you in the gut half the time, its just a long, expensive, crafting recipe that anyone can do.

High end forged tools should be special. They should be hard to make. And they should be rare. We need more content like that, not less.


Isn’t something anyone can do anyway? If you set up your character correctly and have the correct ingredients then the only variation is RNG and why should I have invested the same time and effort and get a poor result compared to someone doing exactly the same thing with the exact same skills?

We are not going to agree on this. I would argue the items needed to craft the AOE tools already make them difficult and expensive. I would also argue we do not need more rare items, we just need a lot more items. My thoughts are if you want to make things work better create so many different block variations that no one will even want to make all of them (even if they can). I think this it is better to make 10 more decorative block variations, 10 more brick variations and 10 more decorative wood variations than 3 hard to make blocks. Flood the stores and economy with more items. Use up the surplus making all the new blocks.


Not disagreeing with what you said, but i’m curious how you would change forging to be based on skill as opposed to RNG.

How about the more tools you forge the fewer quirks you get? With experience you get better at making the tools. As you forge more the RNG factor drops until once you forge 100 hammers, you get what you expect everytime.

That would be my suggestion.


Wouldn’t that be more akin to grinding levels as opposed to “skill”?

That’s like saying a level 50 player is more skillful than a level 25 player, but just because he has more skill-points dosen’t necessarily make that true

It is more akin to grinding I guess, but the only other way I can think of is to gate the forge by type of tool.
You will have to forge 25 wood hammers to be able to forge iron, 25 iron hammers to forge gold, 10 gold to forge titanium, 25 titanium to forge gem, 50 gem to forge rare (blink, rfit, umbris). I always think of skill as something that develops over time as you practice performing a task. So I am not sure it would not always seem the same as leveling.

I know the intent with the forge was for players to start forging with the lower level tools and move up to gem. So maybe this would reinforce the way they wanted it used and we might find the lower level tools useful for some tasks?

I would also be good with just removing RNG completely and letting anyone that has the skills and the resources forge the tools, but I think there would be a lot of push back on this.


I think you are confusing player skill with character skill. The forge is meant to require player skill. You progression is you as a player get better at managing the RNG, and knowing how to handle it when things don’t go your way. Without the RNG, forging becomes like any other craft in the game: follow the optimal recipie, and you put in the same inputs, go through the same steps, and get the same outputs every time. All skill is removed.

Because dealing with the RNG is the thing that makes forging skill-based, it is important that the most desirable forged item, 3x3 hammers, have the most RNG. That is why it is good that magnet is on the same gum as AoE and it is good that AoE is the only boon that you have to stop at a certain level and not level up more as opposed to blindly dumping in as many points as possible.


Id be interested to see your method. What i think im hearing you say is youre doing all the right things and still getting bad results more often than not, so the system is broken.

That seems really odd to me because ive forged about 15 things just today with almost all good results. And im really not that lucky.

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