Make music

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skills or equip that buffs all allies around you or a debuff on enemies would be really cool, so why not adding them to a harp or lute. Good idea! I hope the system of making such music is easy to understand and to do. a simple “record the song by typing on a paper” or play with the keybord as the “piano keys”. May be people also invent special melodies for their guilds as hymns :smiley:

well just typing your song seems very boring. I’d rather play the instrument by my own hands like in GW2 just with better timing^^

that would make you unable to do any premade songs you know, they would need to make a few specific songs and thats that.

you type the sheetmusic and then the instruments play the sheet music

that would make me unable because?
If you can play it you can play it. As simple as that.

Downloading a sheet file or copy and paste can everyone. No real talent involved.

Talent isnt needed, its a fun system, not everybody can play music. also you plan to make it INGAME as real keys and stringrs? cause that would be an insanely complicated system.

did you play GW2? If not take a look at the fun system they use and how everyone can play music but only skilled ones can play really good pieces.

i have a level 80 and i have never even seen a musical instrument in the game tbh.

First thing I’ll buy with gems will be an instrument^^ I’ve already tried the bell and love it!
Take a look it wouldn’t hurt believe me.
The skill part will make good musicians even more famous.
Who wants to listen to selfplaying sheet music? I can start youtube for that.

so can you with anything. anything you can possibly imagine is already on youtube made by a 3 year old asian.

it would be a nice system but dont think that everybody can play like that, i play piano so i dislike the idea of having a dumbed down piano version where you cant even play all keys.

first, no stereotypes pls that’s just stupid.
second, no asian can be me playing my song on my instrument.
and third, if you’d want all the keys then it would get to complicated. You have to settle for a compromis.

I looked into it, the gw2 systems is pretty cool, but just know about it being more talent based, there are bots and macros to make the songs anyways :slight_smile: so no matter what it will turn into writing down the song and make a bot play it.

you could ofc write your own pieces.

yea but to use a bot/macro or not should be a players choice.
I wouldn’t ever because I think it’s pathetic.
And I know a lot of people who think the same so it wouldn’t turn into bot concerts.

Prob. but it is a way they could make the music system for sure.

both ways would be sure.

i want to be able to compose music in game too! supoprt!

That would be 200% awesome

Hehe, hook up your guitar hero controller and rock out on your lute. XD

nah, just kidding. I would like to be able to play an insturment, but how would you control it?


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