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One thing I love in games, is when you can compose your own music. Especially in online games where you can show your music to other players. So there are going to be a guild system right? Wouldn’t it be cool if a guild owner could compose a official song for that guild? That song could be played in different occasions.
If there will be a town system, maybe you could play a song in the town? So that when you’re out exploring you might start hearing music and you recognise it and know that you’re close to a town you know about.
I’m not sure how easy this is to implement, but it would be so cool.

I’d like to hear other’s opinion about this.


It would be nice to have playable instruments with songs that you can make yourself. Then you can form up with your friends and band away.


As hiyo said it was also something i played around with the idea of having. allow playable flutes and lutes, even a piano woudl be epic and then allow people to compose music pieces which you can then play ingame. some people could even live as bards.

ArcheAge did a pretty good job, it was basically a coding system that used MIDI to determine the notes and you could then play them by using music sheets you had written, just hopefully it would be longer than the notes from archeage.

Yes as far as music and bands go, don’t make it so your music has durability like in Mabinogi, and make it so the music can be recreated like copy paste by the creator only so you don’t end up with a system like Starbound where everyone in a band needs to find the exact same version of a song otherwise everything breaks.

Just the idea of being able to perform live with a band would be epic. You could build a stage and invite people to a concert :stuck_out_tongue: If this was possible OO wouldn’t be a awesome game, it would be uber awesome.
Uber awesome is as good as it can get.

i hope they stay in fantasy weapons though, i dont think they should add electirc guitars or entire drumkits ya know.

yea, but a bit more than minecraft’s note blocks wouldn’t hurt.

how do they work? seems to be a quite an obvious music gameplay element.

what works?. minecraft noteblocks?

i looked it up just now. is not an absurd idea. but maybe i should let minecraft be minecraft.

he just said he didnt like note blocks. or rather said that having music be more than just noteblocks would be good.

have ya ever seen archeages music system?

This is made with an ingame system

the only thing that bothered me was how limited the papers were. the better you got at the songcraft skill the longer you could write the notes, but yeah.

i would totally love if they did this.

@ben @james would this be possible? im a musician myself and i think its really sad that there arent things like this in most games.

ps i take it back, we totally need a drum set xD

I think it is very interesting. I’ll take a closer look at the system.
Like the tune ^.^’

You basically write a MIDI file that it plays ingame.

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Cool ideas! It’s all possible.


Awesome! :slight_smile: I would love to know what awesome tracks the community could compose :slight_smile:

Yes. pretty please add the ability to play instruments ingame >.< it would be so amazing. i dont really like archeage, but their music system was really stunning.

It’s entirely possible you didn’t like ArchAge because they spent too much time on a music system and not enough time making the rest of the game cool :wink: Enter the perils of game development! Everything’s possible, we have to balance our time very carefully :blush:

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nah im just not a fan of tab target combat, its too easy :confused:

also the fact that i dont like paywalls, so i dont really play many free MMORPG’S i prefer B2P ones, that way i know people will atleast be somewhat serious.

but im happy you will atleast think about it even though this will be a system that isnt very high on the priority list :smile:

Also to stay on subject how about making music a fighting choice also? a Bard class who would use a lute to buff allies and fight enemies. or atleast do like SWG where ‘‘entertainment’’ such as storytelling, music and dancing would give people around you a small buff.


I would love something like this eventually!

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