Make Oort known

I’ve made a post on a few sites about Oort online:


    If we all just post posts of Oort online to make it more known, the game will be done sooner!!
    And we will have more people to play with.


I posted the trailer too on the 9gag tv :smile:

I watched it again, and indeed it looks like a post from a 10 year old minecraft fan xD

sorry. wasnt meant like that :confused:

its pretty damn good you made it, can you gather up the pictures like you did again? and then just let me make small variations in the text? because its a really good idea, but i have seen alot of trailers and PR from games and if you dont make people feel ‘‘WOW’’ then you have done something wrong :smiley:

its awesome that you are doing it, cause i dont know how to do it xD

No problem, just say what you think :slight_smile:
I’m searching for them, wait a second

You can make it very wow factor or you can make it pretty unserious and still get attention

like putting a picture of the titans going ‘‘You see this son? this is a titan! it will destroy you so hard you wish you had never left minecraft, do you think you can beat it? then keep an eye out for when they add it and get the ultimate challenge!’’

Thx for the tip :smile:, here are some pictures i found.

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Hey zouls, i am making the logo of Oort online in-game, do you want to help me?

what do you mean?

imma make a screenshot ingame, wait a second

but yeah try to use these pictures

no thank you. feel free to do it :smile:


If you want to try and make the game known you need to take the best possible pictures and use no HUD. since all of the rest wont sell that well and the enitre HUD is still in pre alpha state. sooo

I will, thanx for the help!

It is a great idea to push Oort out as much as possible. I have a feeling that once the mobs and combat enter the game, it will gain more interest. It is a fabulous start so far.

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Can you give me the text?