Make the cost of Power Coils 5x what it is now!


Ok so new name is coilkey lol


In german it’s “Schraubenschlüssel” which literally translates to “screw key”.
Funny. :smile:


looks like we found the key word…


Also imo, which has been wide spoken to the level of offensive over the power coils, it is only 200 more power over the t1 ones, and they take the same amount of room. I still say double the power of each tier, but double the amount of resources in them to keep them a high tier item.


That’s fair and they may do this, but revising the power costs of each recipe will give off the same effect. You will have rounding issues (750 power if you half the 1500 power recipe), but this can easily be fixed by just choosing whether bump it down or up. It is much more effective to work with the recipe costs instead because you can adjust each value to its specific scenario (some things may be in the right place while some things may feel far off).


“llave inglesa” english key :rofl:


Clave inglesa :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Skiftnyckel (adjustable)


I am going to forever call it this.

For those who are curious about how to pronounce that.

Also… Schraubenschlüssel (also: Abschiedsschmerz). volume_up. wrench {noun}

I laughed so hard about volume_up, it’s not even funny.



It’s quite similar in Turkish actually. It’s usually called “İngiliz Anahtarı” which is translated as English Key as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, so we should call it a keyblade then? LOL Kick it up a notch.