Make the cost of Power Coils 5x what it is now!


The biggest issue is this feels like a troll… it says I need a power coil to make an item, I placed down the power coil and the game is like “HAHA F U BRO! YOU NEEDED 5! MUAHAHAHAHA” and I’m like… dude I can’t keep taking these random no explanation butt f(&^ing that keeps coming from lack of explanation.

I’d rather you just up the cost 5 times what it is now and make it give 5x the power it gives now.
I don’t like not knowing what’s happening to my ■■■.

Please take me to dinner first by upping the cost and energy!

Thank you for your time!

P.S It’s called a Wrench, not a Spanner.


Wrench and spanner are the same engineering and mechanic tool. Wrench is what is used outside North America (Canada, United States, and Central America) and Spanner is used everywhere else in the world. They’re basically the same tool just are referred to with different names by different parts of the world. That’s a pretty common thing.

As far as costs to craft the power coils, I do think it’s a bit silly to have to make upwards to 24 of them to hit max Power on your machine with Advanced Power Coils (which is something like 7000+)…

It’s the main reason I haven’t bothered to even craft them to begin with because they’re so expensive to make. I don’t even have T1 Power Coils cause they’re a waste of time in the game’s current economy. I rather just drop 100k coin on Advanced Power Coils that someone else has crafted per Machine I need them for instead of bashing my head against my computer table just to gather up the Ancient Techs needed or any of the other rare resources required.

I honestly would rather see 1 to 4 Power Coils needed per machine than having to craft a couple dozen and end up having a massive workshop for no reason cause having multiple Machines is ideal.


But yea I agree with the costs to craft are a bit silly. Anything is better than how it is now.


I really think the descriptions or something somewhere needs to say how much power each type of coil can give. I thought it was 100 for basic, 300 for advanced but honestly I am not sure.


It is surely 100 for basic and 300 for advanced.

As for the “absurd” amount that you need to make certain recipes, these are mainly intended to make high tier items more difficult to craft. Previously it was pretty easy to get a setup for a “high end” crafting space. I agree that the amount needed can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to power up multiple machines, but getring multiple machines to max power is meant to take a while.

I think one of the more appropriate things is revising power costs per recipe to make the progression feel more smooth. I believe that the devs are in the process of tweaking some of the recipe costs to something more favorable for some recipes that should be accessible for mid level players. One of the things that I wouldn’t be surprised about is if they increased the cost to craft T2 machines. As of now it is cheaper to craft these than it is to craft 3 T1’s.

Also yes I do agree that the summary can be better. It should include the power output.


I can only speak for the UK regarding the spanner/wrench but we use both here but there are many different types of each. Spanner is the most common term that describes the general tool.

Totally agree about the power coils with regards to the amount of space they take up. I don’t mind the amount of resources needed to make them though as they are supposed to be an advanced item. It would also be nice if they had a wear indicator like all the other machines etc.

Some of the resources do need to be rebalanced though in terms of scarcity. Tried to make a spanner/wrench so I could repair the few coils I’ve made so far only to find I need leather which for some bizarre reason needs spark and power to make, needless to say I haven’t made any coils for those machines yet so no leather so no repairing of coils :weary:


Well, since the developers are from the UK, I think you can understand why it’s referred to as a spanner


‘Only Europeans’. So you mean the largest group of countries in the world?

You say tomato and I say tomato


You say potato I say yum.


Thanks for clarifying.

So also I heard that if you use a GEM spanner and hit the machine only it will fix BOTH the machine and Power Coils? Or do you need to hit each power coil to fix their damage?


I can confirm that repairing the machine with a gem spanner will not repair the coils attatched to it.


You have to hit each Coil to Repair them and you have to Repair the Bench aswell (But don’t need Gem Spanners for that)


Thank you.

Has anyone posted to see if that is a bug or if that is the planned way the game will work going forward? That you have to build your power coils in a way so that you can access them all?


I’m curious, I understand power coils open up new possibilities that’s cool. Do the power coils give a permanent power source or so something? Or does it require resources. As in does it get rid of the need for spark? I’m assuming it doesn’t…


It is an additional source. It creates its own power. No resources needed to keep it going. For higher tier items you need spark and power.

It also speeds up manufacturing for any other items not needing “power”.


Not being funny dude but you’ve named this post poorly, rather than protesting the high cost of power coils it really sounds like you wan it to cost 5 times more than it does already. I agree though. its a bit stiff trying to get onto gem tools at the moment. So much so I don’t think you can get the use of gem tools before level 50+, which is ridiculous. ( On the down low its Friday night and I’m hammered drunk so I might be slightly less confrontational tomorrow when I’m sober :slight_smile:, lol)


In belgium we say sleutel what literally means key lol for that extra touch off confusion


Hey we also call it a key! “moersleutel”

Edit: quick Google and it seems we (afrikaans) stole it directly from your language whoops :laughing:


Thats dutch lol where do they say that lol a moer is the nut thats on a bolt


and we call it klucz which also translates to key - same story so