Make the "Well fed" or "teaching" buff stack with other food buffs

I know this sort of has been brought up before but it is still something i feel is “needed” and would be a heck of a quality of life improvement with very few downsides from what i can see.

Especially now that the teaching food was made so that it no longer has a duration but a fixed amount of exp earned before it goes away i feel like either well feed should stack with other food buffs or maybe make the teaching food stack now that it works differently from the rest duration wise.

Because at the moment it still feels pretty clunky to play with the higher tier food buffs since they sort of force you to have to eat the super basic cooked food every few moments just to keep at full energy.

And if this is a bad idea i would love to hear some of the reasoning because i can’t really see many to be honest (atleast in regards to making the well fed one stack with others)


I agree, I hate having no energy while I’m waiting for my persisting pie to wear out so I can eat some earthyam loafs or soups


eat meat) pew

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I would prefer that these buffs not be stacked because then that would become the META way to play and removes meaningful choice from the game. However, it would be awesome if we had a higher energy regen food, too. A no buff food with as much energy regen as a pie. A Wildstock Pot Pie?


yeah need something like that. A food that recover more hunger points.

MMM wait until we have planets just like t7 but you can’t use food buffs.

Yeah …


Maybe those teaching and persisting etc foods could cause lower hunger bar drop rate? Like getting hungry twice as slowly?


Yep, when the t8’s come it’s going to show as a very real problem when you have to eat the protection food even with full protection skills. It will make every other food besides steaks and yams unusable.