Make Vital Essence Like Spark

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I’m always frustrated by the amount of Vital Essence recipes clogging up my extractor, and I’m currently building a cost/price analysis utility that will quickly allow me to set prices for various items even if recipes shift.

That lead me to ponder how to price out the cost of Vital and Ancient Vital Essence in recipes, since there are many different sources. I decided to treat it similarly to how I price out spark and heat costs, and that made me realize it should just be treated like heat and spark!

Let us plop all our gross bio-mass in to either a new machine or the extractor to ferment over time and generate bio-essence that we pipe to machines through a block that maybe can co-occupy a space with a spark link.

Ancient Vital Essence could even be a spooky ghost like resource that needs it’s own pipe. You could end up with three pipes all running together which would have it’s own fun implications to builds.

It’d be fun to be able to then extract and compact that essence in to something that can be sold. Maybe the recipe involves a sponge block or a glass block to store the compacted essence and either it’s the exact same efficiency as the essence that went in to it, or with some power, it’s more efficient.

I imagine these compacted blocks would either be goopy gross looking blocks or maybe swirling souls in a glass container kind of thing.

Anyway, idea over!


This could fix the recipe conflict in general. You put any of the things that make vital essense in a Composter and it makes vital essense, 1 type of it not 20

You mean it would fix all the extra recipes for Vital Essence? Or do you mean it would fix other recipe conflicts?

Pressed enter too early. Use organic drops as a “fuel” in a new machine that produces vital essense, an upgraded one for the ancient variety possibly?

I think this just makes it too complicated. The original complaint was that theres too many recipes to get the same output item.
I agree with that.
The thing is,
Who the HELL crafts vital essence from TROPHIES?!? Those are MUCH more valuable in every other recipe they are used in.
Really I only use tallow to get VE. Im sure other common animal drops are fine to keep in there but especially remove the trophy vital essence recipes, they just clutter the menu.

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Yeah, totally! I actually was JUST thinking about how it would be cool to have a extractor attachment that adds spots to put in the bio-items to generate the essence.

I’ve got some cool visuals in mind and I’ll draw them up when I get home from work today.

Agreed, but you can also get heat from things that are more valuable as other things. Like wood trunks. I’d much rather use wood for crafting or building, but I CAN use them for heat. Similarly, you could drop in a trophy and generate a large amount of essence over time, if that’s what your preference is.

And of course, you don’t HAVE to use it in your essence generator, you could use it for whatever you want.

I can just see Spongebob and Patrick melting roadrunner trophies into essence…

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