Make Warping less expensive!


like in the titel Says make Warping to another Planet or Town less Expensive ! like yesterday i was Warping to a Na server and i lost like 600 coins and now i can not go back to my base because i need to pay for it agaiN!

Like idea for warping to a new place or town get the coins but for warping home or so make it not so Expensive!

Btw I think you can go negative in coin to get home.

nope you cant! try this :frowning:

What planet are you on?

Na solum i was normal on eu Therkad :smiley:

If you head to Dragon’s Watch there are buying plinth you can use to get coin pretty fast.

Also, I do not think the price is too bad we just need more ways to get coin.

I think the price is fine, actually cheap - but totally agree with onebit there needs to be a solid way of earning income so you can grind monsters (or something else which doens’t require a base setting up) to earn enough to get home. You’re more likely to get stuck in the real game on a planet that doesn’t have a market set up I am guessing.

Edit: Wow @james that’s a really good design to be able to go negative to go home, genius!

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You should always be able to Warp back to your Home beacon and go negative. This is part of the design to make sure players can’t become stranded.

If this doesn’t work it’s a bug.

(/cc @vdragon please confirm.)


I don’t keep my “beacon” locations, I delete them and make new ones. So if other players are doing this too I can imagine how the warps aren’t aware that a particular saved location is considered a player’s “home” and therefore doesn’t allow warping to it on negative funds.

Edit: also warping used to cost 500 coins per hop and now it’s 100. Think we should wait to review warp costs until portals are in.

I’ve also mentioned dynamic “warp” costs based on the economy and “portal” tools before - to encourage people to use portals over warps

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Oh ok that must be it, the beacon location is home! That makes sense thanks, and I think it is 200 per hop now.