Makers Mark Is Looking For A Forger For Hire (Complete)

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Makers Mark Guild is looking for a forger!

Small guild of 5, made up of moderately experienced players. None of us however have mastered the art of forging.

We are located on Gyosha Ophin - Currently connected to Portal Seekers Biitula, TNT, and DK Mall
We have 2 Sovereign farming planets T1, and a T5, and will be adding a T3 in a while.
Each one of these planets will have its own farming hub with every rss on the planet.

I’m looking for someone who would join our guild, and forge us our needed gear to keep the farm hubs stocked with farming tools. We will supply all tools and mats for forging. We have a fully powered centraforge.

Here is a list of the tools we will needed forged and stocked.
T1, T3, and T5 3x3 Hammers, Axes, and Shovels (Durability/Speed). T1 is what is needed currently
Liquid Breakers 3x3 (Titanium Shovels With Auto Harvest)
Loot Sticks (Max Range, and Glow)

Payment would be per smart stack forged, and depends on tier. We can pay for your time in coin or resources.

Let me know if your willing to help. Thanks
McSacs - Makers Mark

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If you’re providing tools and mats, I’d be happy to join and do some forge work or show some of your members how at no cost.


I’ll come pay you a visit and see if anyone is around, happy to help where I can.
Loot sticks I suck at though but I’ve had much better success with loot fists instead

Maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t find you guys

Can I be an honourary member?

I will give you some forged goods msg me :grin: