Making an Oort language

In the naming thread I suggested it would be awesome if there was an Oort language. Knowing that the devs plate is quite full I thought it would be something that we as a community could tackle. Though I want to ask the Devs if this Ok because I have a feeling they might have something planned for this. Perhaps @ben would know the answer to this.

Now saying that it is ok, what language would we be making. I see a few options for this.

  1. The Ancient Oort language - This is the language that I think the devs might be making.

  2. A common language between the existing races. - I am not sure this would work. As this common language might just be English but using the Oortphabet .

  3. Each individual race’s language - I think this is where we could help. We only know of one race, which I have dubbed Oortcat until we are informed otherwise. I think we can make a language for this race then once we know the other races we can do variations on this language for the other races.

Now how do we go about making this language. It is not an easy thing. We don’t necessarily have to make a whole language. Take a look at this link

How to create a language in one day

While not technically a language but a translation on english. It sure does look like it. Perhaps to give it even more variation we could translate from Latin or Greek or any other language.

What do you guys think? Can we do this?


The devs already are

Right but do they have a language for the races?

As their written language is basically Kanji i don’t think it is intirely necesary to make a language for them.


Take a look at the resources on too (many of the constructed languages you know of have come out of folk in that community)

Yep - all the language stuff we’ve been doing is in this space.

Nothing beyond.

But I’m wondering why it shouldn’t be possible for a mod to expand this space for the other options you’ve listed.

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Sorry I am not quite sure what you are saying? Are you saying that a user mod could expand the oort language to the other races?

I’m saying - why shouldn’t this be possible? If we add the Oort language, why shouldn’t other mods be able to add alternatives.

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Awesome! Sounds good to me!

Edit: So who is up for helping to make the Oortcat language

How exciting! I can’t wait to see what other races there are so that we can choose from a wide variety of races to create other version of “Oortcat” :smile:

This is a good idea to richen the lore of Oort.
For the three options given here I have some stuff to add:

  1. for the ancient language of Oort, it would be pretty cool if it was some derivative of a known language but with a different alphabet. Players would then have to figure it out and could lead them to hidden treasures or something.

  2. Comon languages would be sort of useless besides for aesthetic and lore reasons. Race language would actually be a fun game mechanic.

  3. I like the idea of starting off only knowing your own races language and having your character learn other languages as skills, making previously unknown languages automatically translated. This could have plenty of applications and limitations for players that could really richen the roleplaying experience.

This was a good idea, and I hope it makes it into the game. :slight_smile:

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