Making giant portals at Ultima Mall, what sizes might people like

I was starting with Clock Tower sized portals (6w8h), but then I started thinking bigger.

Would anyone buy bigger portals (max appears to be 10x10?) if I made ones that big? Just for the sake of having gigantic portals, really, haha :blush:

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Eventually I might… but waiting for certain plots to free up :slight_smile:

Bigger is not always better, LOL :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s the motion of the ocean that matters most, but size matters too :wink:

whats oort cost on a 10x10? (how long does 900 last)

900 should last 4.5 days

I might buy one once my Till build is up, I thought it lasted less then that.

I think it might be 2-3 days for 900 shards. I might be wrong.

i calculated it, came out like 4.15 days so its a lil over 4

size 24 (6x4) eats 9 per hour making it 100 hrs for stack of 900 shards; that’s just above 4 days indeed

doesn’t it scale up when you go above 24 blocks though? or is it the absolute maximum to pay, no matter what the portal size?

9 per is the absolute max

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