Mall-like Hunt Board?

An idea I had for a hunt board is to let each hunt have a mall-like road where hunt leaders can grab a single plot to decorate and post their regular (or irregular) hunt times. There wouldn’t be a lot of rules on how to manage your plot, and the road would probably want to be built with some way to mark a hunt-plot as “possibly inactive”. The only rule might be to make sure you either have prestige plants growing (lol) or have a spot to put the last date you updated/checked on your hunt-plot.

Do you think this is a good or useful idea? The hunt bot is awesome and very very helpful, but I personally prefer to plan ahead and can never keep up with what hunts run when, so a board would help me but I never know what boards are still maintained.


Are there that many regular hunts still? Turrican, Grizz, and Hazard do regular but that is all I’ve seen regularly. There seem to be some ad-hoc ones or some that just post on forum/discord channel. So I’m not sure how “updated” it will stay or where will be central enough for people.

I guess if there are regular times that people do then it could be helpful.

Not sure if you saw the last update on the bot but I am working to allow people to save their scheduled times so if they are regular people could query upcoming hunts… but I’m not sure if that will really help improve bot usage.