Malls and big shopping area's

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hi everyone,

From someone with no sense of direction are there maps available of malls and big shopping areas ?
I know @the-moebius posted his " blueprints " in an older post and I thought to myself I wish I had that for the places I frequently visit…

Or are there places you frequently visit for certain things ?
Planet , mall ( coordinates ) and items bought ( the ones you are loyal to and don’t use the scanner for …

Feel free to share … if I ever feel up to it I can try and make a kind of layout of shop areas and malls … I will have to visit every place and am a casual player so it will take me a while …

Or do you think this is a waste of time and completely useless ?

To give an example , I wanted to start the oorty madness and find all colors but only with a handful of colors in my inventory I did’t know where to start,If I just give in foliage on the scanner I go the the big amounts hoping they have the colors I need …

This should/ could be simplified ?


Hi! I run the Naughty Mall on Trior, along with @shortyd856 (aka Lorelie). It’s located in iLLumiNaughty. We are the planetary hub for both Ultima and TNT.

We don’t have a drawn out map at the Naughty Mall, but it’s pretty easy to navigate. We also have a shopping district in the city itself, where people run individual shops and kiosks. In addition, since the knowledge tab has made it easier to find what you are looking for, and since iLLumiNaughty is one of the goto shopping destinations, we have portals for other shopkeepers who are located “too far away” from our city. This is designed to make a reasonable effort to include their shops and make it easier for shoppers to locate them.


Gyosha Mall on the planet Gyosha Ophin


It is impressive this map of the mall … I am admiring.:astonished:


I am in Aw , This might even go on my wall :joy:


TNT New Nixia no map needed!
Our stores are all just outside the hub.
And outside the superstore handy portal shortcuts to our other stores.

Also many direct connections from the megahub to some of the best stores and malls.

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Take the TNT Lasaina portal to Sydney and you’ll come out close to the market guide. The picture is a little old, but clearly shows the layout of the market area and surrounds.


My days of running in circles are over. Now where is that shop😉

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Nova Golda Market on Trung (portal at upper ring PS Lamblis, TNT Network’s Trung gate is Nova Golda, Ultima Eresho 2x2 shopping area behind the EU planet portals and many more places!)

Layout is small and simple, 4 rows with 6 market stall plots each. Some are 2 plots long/wide tho.

Some changes will be happening in coming weeks, going is slow with all the other stuff going on, so much to do, so little time, haha, then I will also make a nice map and/or aerial screenshots!


This is actually my go to as it is small and full of goodies and easy to find basket area :slight_smile: :wink: ( I do miss a gleam shop )

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Major’s map is amazing!

Legendville Mall is pretty simple to learn. It has four rows, A through D, and each start numbering at the lobby at number 1 running upwards. So A1 is at the start of row A, and A100 is at the end.

I made a map in google sheets but I apparently did permissions wrong. I’ll figure out how to share it :blush:



wischl makes our plans its made in autocad
always good to have a civil engineer and epic boundless veteran as build partner :smile:

myself im better at drawing interiors :smiley:

if you need pass electric inspection give me a shout lol

this is another concept we use when planning creds go to @Wschichl again