Mantle mining idea / dungeons

Maybe in some future update we could use umbris hammers or even mining rigs to break through the mantle to uncover hidden resources below, or perhaps dungeons, or ancient oortian ruins? Just an idea for a way to add new stuff to existing worlds without having to change too much, and to add an element of discovery.


Break mantle…planet explodes…goodbye beservona! Wahahha

Doomsday machine? Everyone has to pay the evil overlord 1000g a day until someone beats his (or her) dungeon and dismantles the machine?

Armor, weapons and dungeons would make for a great update pack. Just sayin’

I think they would have to add more plots to the planet… not sure though… unless they raised the mantle area a little bit

Would like to see portals appear on certain random spots. That lead to dev made dungeons. Kinda like how exos appear.

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Yes the plots could go below the mantle, so the existing plots wouldn’t be affected but they could add content to old planets

Yeah I had that idea for dungeon portals too!

They could be relatively simple dungeons using randomly generated rooms like in Diablo, using the planet’s palette and decorative rocks (unmineable in dungeon zones) and doors etc.

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This game can use some dungeons for sure. Maybe 6 man instances? Rare gleam, gem,s and oort. maybe super weapons/tools that dont break?

So what you say is we Need one dungeon and then the game is over, Gotcha :slight_smile:

On Topic: I think due to the restrictions in Entitys it wont be possible, albeit a cool idea for sure.

They should combine cuttles, wildstock, spitters and hoppers into one mega mythological creature that spawns on a random planet and we can go battle it and it drops 10x the loot including Oort.


Well and we could call it a…Titan…LOL

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You saw me coming a mile away!

Looks like a necrotic Kavu :thinking: Spawned from the fallen corpses of 1000 meteor battles?

That sounds amazing! Get to work!!!