Mantle question

To anyone that has emptied out to mantle.
How many workable layers (possible block place layers) does mantle generally have?

Im currently seeing 3 layers of workable layers. (Stand on mantle… cost of 3 to cover up)
So im wondering if there is a chance that its more?

Hope i make any sense with my question :wink:

Not that it matters as much in the long run of this build. But im just wondering.

3 is the deepest I’ve seen it so far, I think.

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You can mine the mantle… with coils!



@Coolpants havent seen more as 3 so far also haven’t payed much attention to it all that time. :wink:

@ciprianb that i know :joy: but to do this on 1000 plots if not more is a massive waist of my time.
Especially that its technically a “waisted plot” (stopping mob spawn under my build).
So I only decorate it for the structure that’s going to be on top.

Anyway thank you both for the reply :wink:


@ciprianb im terraforming it to kind of a lava beach or what ever to call it :wink:

This is just a small part of what i still have to do :grin:


Reminding me of “Journey to the center of the Earth

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