Mapping world achievements plus reward


So some games will reward players with in game items for certain achievements accomplished.

I would like to have achievements for each planet I map out and get to craft a reward like a full atlas(not a live one just one for display)(live would cause issues when the planet gets removed) also maybe get access to skins and weapon skins that we can trade/buy/sell with other players just an idea I’m throwing out there.

Not limiting this to just mapping out planets that is just 1 idea.


We already have this now. You get Coin for world mapping achievements. Definitely for the first, but also for subsequent once IIRC.

Devs have already stated that due to world removal issues, there will be no way to keep snapshots of removed worlds after they are gone. This goes for atlases and anything else that may point to that world.
As for having an atlas on display, you can already do that now. Just put and atlas on a shop stand and you’re done.


You missed the point of this post also they can release a display atlas that is not functional what they can’t do is release an atlas that requires update information from a planet that is no longer there. All they have to do is copy the planet image and save it to a sphere then make it a display piece

Coin from completing a full atlas is not what I was aiming towards can care less about the coin was aiming towards over lays, skins, trinkets, trophies things of that nature that players would acquire from completing achievements.