ok so i can see this has a few suggestions (i do not like replying to anything that has no comments for over a year people ghet annoyed on other forums and call it - Necro)

Reason maps would be awesome = it is very easy to get lost from your house in live i would have assumed your Orange house icon would stay regardles of distance (even if other side of planet) - it only reaches about +/- 1000 blocks and now how no idea where i am (new area) i know its very cheap hop because same planet but… either please extend the compass so it is viewable from any distance or include a map please?

Thank you

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All you have to do is go to your locations tab, select the location you want, and hit “add marker” or something like that. It will create a marker with top priority on your compass, until you walk over that spot, or turn it off manually.

If you are talking about testing build, dunno


sorry meant live - but i forgot about marking lol ty

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Than my suggestion still stands

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So i actually embarked on a journey the other week to map Berlyn’s named locations in their entirety. I can tell you right away, maps are not an easy thing to grasp within Boundless. After two miscues of how to even plot it, given the coordinates are not done in a Cartesian format, I managed to map most of the world, and subsequently didn’t even care.

Having a map almost makes the game less fun, to me. I have frequently just drawn little hand sketches of the general direction things are in relative to one another, but instead of mapping, I just screenshot dank building locations and save them. Interconnected portals also make maps much less useful as a commodity. I have no idea what the devs’ plans are for maps as a whole, but idk I kinda like getting lost :wink:

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Maps would be useful if a town, and maybe an elevation map for the world so you can find a sweet mountain or something like that, but otherwise not really useful.

I see it as a nice craftable decor for a wall. A graphical display of current players discoveries. Kinda puzzle like map filled up as regions are discovered by a player.
Other than that I agree being lost a bit and relying on my own memory of landmarks is cool. Makes me feel more like a real explorer.


yeh i guess - but i am so used to mini-maps and etc myself (as a personal thing)

i also see the point of just making small notes and etc of important land marks of local areas to your current - but i am here to play not army orienteering :stuck_out_tongue:

Or am i just being lazy :wink: