Marble Master: Buying gleambow

Marble being so easy to make now…in fact it’s almost easier th make marble than bricks. I think marble ain’t worth buying for if it ain’t the same price as bricks from now on. Or just make myself apart from exo colors.

might as well sell the pigments to let people mix them for sprays

My plain pigs are not allowed to be mixed!!!

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Almost Christmas

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Pretty colors

Can I please come see your farm.

I hope everyone is enjoying the colorful sprays I’ve am making. Just loaded up the goo farm some more and will try to get more sprays out as fast as I can.

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Batch of “Sprays” incoming tomorrow. Think I have all the colors other than vivid green, that will be a few more days. I will be adding plain “Turquoise”.



How come i didnt know about this? This could be my new hobby - painting blocks with exotic colors!

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Added a color to the shop. Turquoise!

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Excellent how many do you think you will have?

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Right now there is around 70 idk.

Its going to take awhile. I will test some mixing before the next batch.

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I have baskets at the Hunt Hive for some colors I need.