Marble Master: Buying gleambow

Marble Master, Gyosha Mall #80

Selling only rare custom marble with the help of a multi million coin worth gleam collection.

It takes weeks to make this marble. The price is aimed for more high end shoppers.

I am requesting the goo I need to continue the production. Request colors will change as time goes on.

Colors on signs are actual color or marble. Buy while they last. It may be weeks before more stock is added.


For a second I thought this post was something else. It’s almost as colorful though!



Looks nice…excellent shop. Easy to see when there is a good size example in front of you

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Very nice Orrian!!

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Beautiful collection of colors. Good luck!

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How much are they? And how much are you buying goo for?

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600 each, I lower price as stock grows. Goo I am trying 45 or 50 right now. Dont see the point in paying 200+ a goo when you can farm 500 in 30mins.

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Working on more stock of luminous yellow. Should be out in a few days.

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Would you be willing to trade some refined rift or umbris for that shadow cerulean? It’s gorgeous…
Edit: that lavender is too


Plain blue is priced at 500c each since I have stock of 150.

About to raise the goo asking price to 75c each. I have noticed I am running low. How about behind the scenes.


if you get to asking @ 100 I have 3k~ in stock right now. I’ll be heading goo popping in a bit to build stock up more.

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Nice job Orrian!

Some good colors you have there :+1:

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Thank you. Adding 100 more Bright Slate 50 Red, and NEW Deep Cobalt which is a very nice blue color. Those will be adding in about an hour.


Prices will be lowered to 450 in a few hours.

Thats about rock bottom.

I have pulled plain “Lavender, Lilac, and Violet” marble from the store for a project I am working on.

Check out the simulated shading I was able to do with the 3 colors. For when the time comes I restock.


Im working on a red marble restock.

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I was thinking of selling the rare sprays instead. Whats everyone think?

Not a bad idea. I would buy either.