Marketing, Trading, and Economics: Why we need it!

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We know that the market/trade system for oort online is being implemented some time in the near future, but why would we use it? It’s easier just to craft it your self. Or is it? I will be detailing resones and machanices that would make marketing far more rewarding, and popular.

— Agroculture—
Farming in Minecraft is easy, quick, and very low maintenance. I’m thinking that there should be a far more advanced way of farming, in the way that you have to select what traits from the previous harvest you would like to pass on, and what ones you would like to remove. For example, if you have a potato that has a low immunity for diseases, then you may want remove it from the gene pool. Progressively, and through high maintenance, loads of time, and progression, eventually you will have a potato that will be immune to almost any sickness. From there, you could sell your crop to players in need of said crops, and make bank. This can also apply to animals, with balancing out immunity, birth rate, or even speed and endurance for mounts.

Another cool thing to add would be clothes. Fine robes, dresses, tail coats, none having any real purpose then to make you look good at parties. Using wool and special tools, people could create fine clothes and hats for people, selling them for great prices!

As we know, beacons are special areas in which plays can keep there creations safe. But what if, you could have a huge beacon, covering a huge area, in which to create your city? I am suggesting a City Beacon, that reqiers some of the most exotic and hard to find materials in the worlds of Oortia, and would be able to cove huge areas. Now, I’m not saying that this area is protected from trolls and enemies, but public players could set up small shops in the market area, in which a select present age if profite would go to the city, as a tax. In return, the merchants get a most likely bustling area to sell there goods, and possibly some extra profit.

I love the idea for including some sort of genetics-ish system into farming, but if it gets too complex then we end up with farming simulator 2k15, and that would make me sad.

I think it would be super cool if clothes could be custom made with different attributes- that way you could have a fashion element (think skinning in mc), but with a functional side that would be cool too. If there’s a creative aspect driving some of the market I would be excited.

I’m not sure on the whole “craft a giant beacon” idea, but I think it would be cool if players could unite their beacons to hold territory and make some nation/state sorta situations. Not sure I’d want to pay tax to be in someone’s superbeacon, when I could just set up near the capitol or join a free city yah feel?

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well im a sucker for details so i would love visuel stuff.

also i plan to make a city and become a crafter, people could get to make small shops in the city for a small Player controlled fee so i could say that they are allowed to sell in the city if they pay 50 gold coins every week, if they dont pay you could (hopefully) blacklist them from their shop area (since you own the beacon) and say that they have a week to get the money, if they dont do that then the shop would be torn down and you would rent it somebody else

but most of the time it will prob just be people who agreed to live together, a forced tax system is kinda meh

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in my opinion not everybody should be able to do everything. for example a weaponsmith specialises on crafting weapons but needs to buy some of the components because he cant craft them. Someone who specialised on crafting magic things needs help when it comes to alchemy.
I think that would be pretty cool.

This has been discussed hugely on the old forums :slight_smile:
As a lot of people don’t want to be forced to work together with other players.

But that would be so cool :slight_smile: In reality you aren’t capable of crafting everything too. Shops would be useless because why buy when you can craft? if people in one town need each other the feeling of teamwork gets stronger. that would be very helpful when it comes to guild wars.
Also people are forced to work together when it comes to titan slaying.

its the soloist mentantality and it is killing MMO games, there is no mmo in mmo games anymore, things like wow and GW2, you can basically solo everything without ever interacting with other people, if you want that then go play a singleplayer game god damnit.

let people solo if they want to, let it be possible but not desireable, i still keep to my crafting post, though i updated it to 2 professions, there are games like SWG and the repopulation where all the crafting professions are tied together which is freaking weird, nothing that hardcore, but not just another pie making machie crafting system either. the only way to create a healthy player driven economy is to force people to interact with eachother.

I am totally with you!

One of the best proposed compromise i have seen proposes that we leveling should be increasingly harder making mastering 1-2 skills possible, mastering 3-5 would be kinda hard and require quite a lot of work and mastering all skill would take years and years of focused work.

Yeah i know but they are still playing players which is some reason to make them come and play. :frowning:

(Also finally i had reached my post limit)