Marrah Mall (Pictures Update)

Hello to everyone

I am here to introduce you to our new Mall, " Marrah Mall"

The mall will not be big, Simple and effective Capacity of 72 shops no more
One wing is ready (2/30 shops) other wing still in progress (3/42shops)
If that work really nice maybe we will expand to 100 shops but i want keep in mind simple and effective.

For better vision on shopping we accept 1 plot large and high and 5 plots long

Mall Location: Boori


We have place if you want connect your place to our place, possibility to have any size you want.


If you have problem or need help pls contact me @H3yjo or @Jeffrotheswell here on forum

Come visit us !! Have Fun !!

Edit: 28/10/2019 Pictures update


Ohh i saw this under construction, its so beautiful! Think ill consider getting a stall set up in the future


@H3yjo is an amazing builder. I just love what he can do with natural blocks. This mall was definitely build with esthetic beauty in mind.
Hats of to you h3yjo :fist_right: :boom: :fist_left:


Looks amazing! I alway love visiting Boori Marrah, such a beautiful place. The way that you guys build with the natural environment and terrain is something that I really appreciate.

I’ll come for a look when I’m finished at work and probably claim a spot for a shop idea I’ve had in mind a while now.


Anyone selling fancy glass here yet do you know?
Currently building up stock and think this could be a lovely place to sell from once im ready :slight_smile:


Not yet @Trickyy90 you can be the first on Marrah…

Thank you for your comment i hope to see you soon :grinning:

@Jeffrotheswell Thanks man for your comment but i think you do really nice too you are my best builder on Boundless and I have luck you are my neighbor :joy:

Glad to see you in Marrah @wakeNbake you are a great builder too thanks for the visit :wink:


Gleam universe has windows.

Is that at Marrah Mall?

Nope in fireborn

Ahh, see I’m wanting to sell windows, so just wanted to check no one else at Marrah had a stall for panes yet


of course other places have windows but here you are on marrah mall man :wink:


I got a plot here too!


I might get a plot… not sure what I would sell yet :sweat_smile:

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Flowers!! And stuff

Am out of purple… some ransacked my stash… :eyes:


I’ve put some stock out in my shop :slight_smile: selling all types of fancy glass in lots of colours. More to come.

Would have taken screenshots but my phones being temperamental right now!


Oh I came across this 2 weeks ago before you finished it. I freaking love your design! I stayed there for about 30 min looking at your choice in mats, colors and style. I love it!

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“looks at phone and says “ugh, it’s almost 2020 ffs”


I saw that and I bought you someone.
I wanted to ask you if you would make me 250 to 300 plain glass pane (ligh lilac)? Is it possible?
I will tell you soon how much exactly
its for the middle of the mall :wink:
You have a beautiful shop i like the style

@Savior Thank you for your comment I appreciate

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I’m about as creative as a rock being thrown in a lake, but I dig the natural feel. I’ll be visiting VERY soon

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