Mass Transport

Let’s be real, the Worlds of Oort Online will be massive. While there can be mounts, flyable mounts or gliders, I was thinking of having mass transport of players. I don’t mean 200 players, but for a example a raid party or something (8 players…maybe…). A flying ship or a flying dragon, a land caterpillar or a land scorpion, that can carry up to the max number of people allowed to be in one party.

I don’t want to pressure the Devs into making more stuff now. I mean, what they are showing us now is just AWESOME and I am so glad to see the hard work show. I just had this idea that came to me while playing another game, most party members bailed out the next dungeon just because it was “too far”. Although some players don’t like the long rides, other do and can take that part willingly (me included)

See and tell me what you think :slight_smile:



I agree, that sounds like a great idea! :3

In WoW you have mounts like the Traveling Tundra Mammoth that offers Trade and Repair venders as well as seats for your passengers!
Theres also a few mounts where you actually transform into the mount and are able to carry party members!
The Druid class can adapt a Glyph to carry a party member,
although you’d have to choose between speed and capacity, since those are rivaling glyphs.

After reading what you said,
I was imagining something like the Cat Bus from Studio Ghibli,
which is actually based off Japanese folklore.
Theres a yōkai carriage with a giant face on it,
it can talk and carry multiple passengers,
no horse to pull it along, just flies like the Tengu.

Sounds great! ^w^

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ArcheAge had airship stations that players could use to move from zone to zone. Maybe something similar would work in Oort? Player built, of course.

This is a good idea.

Devs’ll probably point out that you can accomplish this goal, at least from PoI to PoI, with warps and portals.

Can a portal go from place to place in side a world? Or are they just world to world?

I think it would be awesome if they just gave us a moving platform with seats or whatever and we could build what ever we want on it and around it.

I have tried running with a party in MC and half the people get lost or chase squirrels. It would be awesome to have a way to travel together.

until now i guess only from world to world

yeah something like that would be great :smiley:

but is it viable? friends who play archage prefer not to use it because it’s not “convenient” somehow

  1. i would love mounts in general
  2. i think it would be cool to have mounts that can carry more people
  3. i dont think there should be any flying mounts in the game

those are just my opinions summed up quickly.

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I think flying mounts is a must, or atleast gliders. There should be a way to look over the beautiful worlds of Oort eh? :smiley:

Never knew we will have warps :smiley:

Which in turn is also a way to effectively avoid all danger that the actual enviroment might throw at you, which is my biggest problem with flying, i personally think its very very convenient, problem is just that in a game like this i find it too convenient.

but there have been a huge discussion on the topic multiple times.


Not true,

Portal = frame to frame teleportation, you make a portal frame which have a token, if you put that into another portals frame those 2 are connected, doesnt need to be over worlds.

warps on the other hand are 1 time uses that will teleport you to a player token, a location token or a random place on a new world, i never got answered if you can use them for a random place on your own world.

Oh sorry didn’t know that :open_mouth: Thanks for clarifying that
deleted my post

Have a look at the game called Trove, it’s a voxel MMO game, using the glider makes you cover great distances easily, I don’t say we have to copy them, but it’s always good to look at similar ideas and make them even better :wink:

no need, it is quite confusing and it might change, i hope personally that they change the player token warp thing, cause it is pretty convenient which is good, but i think it will make it really easy to instantly gather up people or make huge ambushes, both for pve and pvp

I play trove or played, and its just a simple grind game put in a plastic voxel game.

if we get flying in the game it will most likely nullify mounts, ever played cubeworld? they had a really cool mount system, but it was just useless, cause the glider was 3 times faster.

i dont think flying mounts should be a thing, at all, i think it would be a damn shame and would kinda ruin the point of other systems, i would love to wander around the worlds seeing buildings, i would love seeing bridges build by players to help other travellers, roads to figure out where you are, maybe some will build ‘‘safe’’ roads with walls around them, with flying you can just fly over all enemies, making them useless and non dangerous.

this sums it up, it makes it easy and convenient, i think moving around and exploring should take time, after you have discovered a place you can build a portal and instantly move between 2 places, so i think at the very least it should take time to find that place where you put a portal.

flying is just to be convenient and fancy, but just know that if they add flying mounts, there will most likely be no need for ground mounts, as seen by every other mmo that uses flying mounts.


Agreed! I hope the jetpacks will only be usefull in building or climbing mountain etc. and not to travel long distances

edit: I’d really love to see funktional playerbuild ships though

Your reply convinced me, my friend…