Massive Lags again on T6 Hunt

Hi @Tiggs and @monty1 and all others,

We were today on @Hazel1558 mondays T6 Hunt and had to abort again … Because of massive lags …

This IS Not the First time we had to abort the hunt and it gets more and more worse…

I recorded a small vid of it and explain the problem …

This vid IS only visible to those who have the link so Not Public to the world only If someone shares it…
Greetings Turrican2006

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I hope all those experiencing these issues reporting it by email to

If not reported as defined in Monumental’s support policy, they may not understand or acknowledge the issue fully.

Done a video as well.

Slightly longer as I tried to capture as much of the issue as possible in order to send it through to support.

@Shankt yes all sent through to support via email as well. Done this each and everytime. This has been going on for a long time.

The servers are terrible at the minute. I know why it’s happening, it’s because they have changed the servers. They’ve moved servers. I’m more frustrated that our connections are being blamed even though both Playstation and PC players are effected. Located in US. Europe and Australia. This isn’t our issue it’s the games. And it’s happening on every single hunt I run regardless if its T3 or T6.

I’m paying for 2 planets that I can’t use and at a guess I’m not the only one experiencing this. I hate cancelling hunts due to this issue it needs to be addressed properly and fixed. People are paying for this and it’s not being taken seriously or even fixed because as a service user I’m being robbed blind. Yes I could just stop renting my 5 planets but I am trying so hard to be patient in the hopes that this will be fixed. But my limit is being reached.

I have sent extensive emails detailing the issues and when it’s happening. Their way of recreating the issue is just visiting the planet. Anyone can visit the planet and not experience lag that’s not the issue. It’s happening in hunts and I’ve invited the team to come to these so they can see for themselves. I’ve asked and suggested several times.

If it’s not fixed soon I will stop playing and I won’t be back.


Wow that stutter is rough. What server are your planets by chance. Are they all on the same servers by chance? Just wondering if there is something they might have in common. Not seeing anything like that on our planets so I was just curious. Hope they can figure it out soon for you.


I can fully understand you.
That sucks with these lags AMD AS i mentioned in my vid and you also its not specific its effecting all PC and PS Players and from different countries…
That can t be our problem…

Its a elemental Part of the Game when this doesn t work the Game will collaps because because No l hunt no oort for Portals and no creatures trophys to Forge…and No Materials to build…

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I quit the hunt as I cannot play like that.

Also I would like to point out that we NEVER had this problem before.
Clearly the game did not change, they changed to other (dare I say cheaper/underpowered) servers.

Are they really going to wait that long to find out that people will not extend their planets anymore ?
It is absurd to keep in mind that lag is a factor going on a hunt and people already are talking about smaller hunt groups.

You PAY for a 20 player planet, so you should be able to bring 20 people and PLAY NORMALLY.

People will now speak up from now on and make Youtube/Stream videos about it. Is this what Monumental wants to show the world ? Is this what Boundless is turning into ?

I know Monumental wants to earn money and I fully understand, but this is not the way to do it.
If it stays like this people will leave the game and very few Sov. Worlds will be bought.
Also negative Steam reviews will stop people from buying the game.



What I heard here on the forum, that boundless would be having their servers at Amazon clouds…?

Just a little reminder, when it came to my experienced issues that were similar to the issues stated in a different post from Hazel, the devs can’t do anything about it until the transfer from Playstation is finished.

I’m aware that pc has the same problems or similar ones. I guess they don’t approach it until they can solve the issues in a whole

Facts! The forum is no longer the way to report things. If you want community support yes. But if you need dev support you really need to send that email.

Jup, that’s why I’m on a break and only maintain things.


I’m inclined to agree with @Wondernut that it could be something like location.

I don’t know much about servers and all those things, but were most people (from the hunt) on EU servers?

I have been getting spotty connection for about a week now, especially on my own planets.


They are all on EU, this isn’t specific to Sovereign either it’s happening on homeworlds. Kol Huroo being one of the main ones.
But people from US and other parts outside EU are effected. Could be that with these planets being on EU servers that could be the issue.

Like I’ve mentioned and others mentioned they have transitioned the servers over to different ones. These issues started when that happened.

I have reported this everytime it’s happened and I’ve always encouraged others to do the same but a forum post is needed as well because this has gone on too long now.

This is not a Steam or Playstation issue this is server side. This is a Monumental issue (pun intended)

I’m going to do some testing with my planet as well as something else that’s been brought up here. Problem is I don’t want to drop more money on the game when the devs can do all this there side and fix it.

A server reset won’t solve this. This is what happens when you go cheap with servers. Seems like the servers only benefit those outside the EU. It’s like it’s a big screw you to us. I am hoping this gets sorted. I have a little more patience left but it’s dwindling and I don’t want to leave the game. No one should.

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I send a Mail too AS i did Last also via ingame Option.
But thats Not good in my opinion to have Support only via Mail .
Why do WE have Forum too ??
IS the ingame Option still working??

Less Support in my opinion If its the only way via Mail.

Will Take Look for a few more weeks If its Not becoming better i ll Go in maintaince Mode too…

Glad that Diablo IV is coming next week ( pre ordered ) and will Take a Look @ craftopia if IT doesen t get better…

But i still Hope IT does…

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I don’t think the ingame option works

And I think at the minute email is easier for them to focus rather than having mutiple ways.

Yeah looking forward to Diablo IV I’m a bit apprehensive about pre order. The past 2 have been atrocious on release despite betas. So I’m going to wait and see.

I need to jump back on Monster Hunter Rise for the Sunbreaker dlc. Not had chance to.

There’s a maintenance coming and I had an email stating it too so I’m assuming it’s to help with the issues we’ve been experiencing.

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Diablo IV was great in the Beta :+1::+1::+1:
Tested Crossplay PS and Xbox worked really good even saves !!!

Diablo IV is a must Play with my friends and hopening the reset will Help a bit …

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I hate to say it, but coming from many years of working in technology, the best thing to do is become a nag and eliminate all opportunity for the issue to be blamed on your machine or network.

You can demonstrate the capability of your PC by taking screenshots of file integrity validation in Steam, your PC details (CPU, RAM, GPU, OS).

With this information readied, you can also pull up an internet speed test to trigger when an issue occurs.

When the issue occurs, grab debug info ([F1], Copy Debug Information) and trigger the speed test- screenshot that too.

Put it all in an email to and hit send. This will (hopefully) demonstrate that a perfectly adequate machine with a perfectly adequate connection running proper software is having issues with Monumental’s servers or connection.

It is also important to open a separate ticket for each occurance. If the lag happens 12 times in an hour, it should be 12 separate emails.

Monumental will combine the tickets of course, but this ensures documentation of how frequent the issue is.

Lastly, we all should be doing this. Its easy to be complacent and expect that someone else will report as we muddle through it, but it only masks the true impact of the issue.

I know its a pita and I can’t even say that I have enough discipline to do this every time, but I’m going to try.

I doubt this will work for console players.

I’m on PlayStation.
The issue effected both Playstation and PC players at the same time who were located in different parts of the world. The chances that all of us had internet issues or computer issues at the same time is very slim albert impossible, unless it’s targeted.

My internet connection was fine and stable. I know this because I was on discord chat with no issues. Speedtest was fine. I do this regularly and I have the best internet I can get in my country.

Playstation network was fine, if it wasn’t it would have knocked me offline.

The issue is servers, 100%.

Also opening separate tickets is unhelpful. Updating the ticket you have until it’s resolved is more efficient. All information in one place.

I have sent in all the info, detailed info about what is happening and others have done the same. Rather than one person sending several tickets, having mutiple people sending a ticket shows there’s an issue. This is what I asked people to do in the hopes this would help resolve the issue.

This is a massive issue. One of which people don’t understand it’s happening. I know the simple checks are needed. They were done even though it wasn’t needed in this instance.

I find it frustrating that the first point of call is blaming our connection. I know some of the time this can be the case but in this instance it clearly wasn’t.
I’m not having ago, it’s just I’m really frustrated and all I’ve seemed to do is relay the same information over and over again for what feels like a long time and the clear issue not being seen no matter how much I experience it.
Just because people don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Honestly count it as a blessing that you don’t.
All I want to do is enjoy the game. I have enough stuff going on in real life that I shouldn’t have to work so hard to try enjoy and play the game.

I am patient, I have been patient. This isn’t something that’s just happened recently. This has been ongoing for a while. But we all have limits and I’m slowly reaching mine.

Again please don’t take my message out of context, I’m not having ago I’m just frustrated at the situation not anyone in particular so if it comes across that way it’s not my intention.

This would be true if the support team weren’t trying to push the blame to you. My post detailed very specific items of evidence and documentation that prevent this. Multiple tickets will be combined into a ‘major incident’ or ‘master incident’ if they are following established support process. This is precisely the standard process for keeping all the information in one place for an issue with repeated occurrences.

I only shared from my YEARS of experience implementing ITIL at enterprise mid to enterprise level, developing support process for teams from 10 to more than 500 in multiple tiers. I did not expect this.

Consider this context as I wish you good luck and leave you to it.

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Can’t agree with that lol. Like I would, but my experience was different. when I sent updates regarding my problems, my messages got ignored. So at some point I was just sending a whole message with all info after they reached out properly to me.

This makes me believe is is a EU server issue. Not a PC/Playstation issue. All my Sovs are on US East servers. Have only been on home worlds here and there lately as I have been busy in real life. Hope the server dusting cleaning fixed your issue.

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This is what’s currently making more sense to me.
I have my T3 Friday and the ultimate test will be my T6 hunt on Monday. I was hoping to sneak in a hunt before to see but that’s currently unlikely.

We’ll see come Monday. My fingers are crossed.
I have a feeling it’ll happen again, if it does I’m going to try a few things out. I’ll be keeping support up to date as well.

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