Massive Volcanic Blast furnace


Would it be possible to create a massive blast furnace that could smelt massive amounts of ore/glass?

I would suggest it being called the “massive volcanic blast furnace”. Or something cool.

  1. Powered by 2 fuel sources. 1 source has to be lava. 2nd source can be any other fuel.

  2. Two construction options:
    A. Can be constructed to be an eight block large furnace size that allows for 16 stacks of one ingredient or 8 stacks of 2 separate ingredients. Equivalent to 8 standard furnaces.
    B. Can be joined as in a cubic manner made up of four individual 8 block large furnaces to make a larger furnace which would be 32 blocks arranged in a cube. This massive furnace would allow 64 stacks of a single material or 32 stacks of 2 different materials to be smelted. Equivalent to 32 standard furnaces. This would turn into a single large furnace when placed in a cube formation.

  3. Due to the more extreme heats of these blast furnaces, fuel is consumed 50% more than a standard furnace but creates product 2x faster than a normal furnace.

  4. A by-product would be produced similar to slag. (Maybe 2% ingredient losses due to slag sloughing?)(so 2% slag produced maybe?)
    A. Since we have already got concrete in the game it could potentially be used for an alternative concrete ingredient, which there is the already existing ingredient list + slag which would produce 2x the amount of concrete if slag is added.
    B. And a second use could be that the slag could be cooled with water in a mixer and it could create slag glass (glass with various color streaks). This could be used for future furniture/light fixture/ornamental crafting.

I think this furnace could help in many ways.

  1. Allow for easier and more condensed smelting operations.
  2. Allow for larger furnace looks in buildings for deco.
  3. Produce a new material slag which can then be used in future recipes.
  4. Mass smelting capable.
  5. Another use for lava, consuming it.
  6. Potential to multiply concrete production.
    Plus others I may not have thought of.

Edit: Made a slight change after looking at it in magica voxel.

I think for the large blast furnace 12 blocks would look better.

And for the massive volcanic blast furnace 4x12= 48 blocks would look best. From my view.

large furnace


Would be more interesting if lava wasn’t placeable so you had to build a forge in an area with existing lava

Maybe give a bonus for unplotted lava blocks in neighboring plots? (People could reserve them by sky plotting on a separate beacon) So the optimal setup would be buried in a lava lake

Also that way you’d have a handy spot to farm more lava lol

How about using just lava as a fuel source? It’s more abundant

Ah well I suggested 2 fuel sources because for every good thing there has to be a cost for the devs to consider it. Lava only would be too easy I think for the devs to okay it. But I could be wrong.

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