Max beacon claim for wayfarer and upper?

I would have a question about the extra beacons we are supposed to have when we bought a wayfarer pack or higher.
In description of this packs, there was marked “X% more beacon”. In the current game, you earn cubits by completing goals and / or gaining levels. If we do not have enough, we can buy some by spending dollars. In the game you can buy beacons by spending cubits.

When you buy a wayfarer pack or higher, do you earn 1 extra beacon each time you buy a certain number of beacons or do you have to buy them all at the same price as the others players?
If you have to buy them at the same price, being able to have “X%” more than the other players (for example 125 instead of 100) would not mean that we will need more cubits than others? Does this mean that in the end we bought the right to pay even more dollars later when we have already paid the game more expensive than new players?

Your percent bonus automatically applies to the coffer you purchase at retail price.

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Nope, you get the % bonus after you buy them (as @Creegle said). If you pay for 100 plots, you receive the bonus amount for the same price.