Maxed Characters Train Locked Skills

I know I’ve made a few posts about maxed characters and additional skills in the past, but I just like to keep throwing additional ideas that aren’t overpowered for some way to keep developing your character after level 50 instead of just the plots which is fantastic.

Many people usually talk about how they would like just 5 points extra and stuff to unlock some additional things for their character to do, what I propose is that really long term characters should be able to keep developing additional skills. I mean it wouldn’t really make you overpowered it would be just be a bonus to not having to swap character pages to do more stuff with your character.

I suggest after 50 it will cost 10 additional skill points to unlock 1 additional skill point to use, then this cost go up an additional 2 points each time. So 10/12/14/16 etc… This would mean long term characters could slowly squeeze out the ability to gain additional skills creating more long term abilities for your character.

Is this Overpowered? I don’t think so, it just means you slowly gain the ability to do more varied tasks without swapping skill pages. I mean this game needs some more excitement in this department, I don’t see how this would hurt the game.


Best idea ever. I don’t like limits in games. I don’t gain the Joy and Happiness buff from NOT being able to do things in games. My preference is to build maxed out Juggernaut characters.

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I dont know if you really need to make that double you will still have to make an additional skill page because of skills where you have to choose either or.

I do like the idea

Maybe the devs have something better up their sleeves though I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just suggesting changes that don’t feel so hard to implement.

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I hope so… It’s almost alway crickets on their end which leads me to believe no skill change is planned. At least not any time soon.

The lack of a public roadmap anywhere makes it even more difficult to even garner any idea what is to come for the game.


Agreed. I wish there was a skill that eliminated the need to wait for stamina. I dont enjoy my mining or building interrupted when I’m in “the zone” . I dont like having to stop every minute or two and wait for stamina to return. If only there was a skill for that.


I personally am ok with the 50 skills… but I wish I could have both Hammer Epic and Shovel and Axe Epic. This pair specifically leads me to have to use two characters (because of limited free skill resets)

Why I cant have both on many of these skill choices is a mystery to me.

Health regen OR energy regen. I wish I could have both.

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So many People have Chars where the Level goes into the 3 and 4 Digits . Most of them are legit, some prolly not.
I dont understand how this idea is not overpowered in some way or another?
I am just curious as i dont care to Change my skill page regulary.

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I’d prefer to be able to do more things with fewer characters. Currently have 10, regularly use 3 (miner/builder, crafter #1, hunter) and occasionally use a couple others (farmer, crafter #2) then also have a centraforger that I have yet to use even though she’s lvl 50 :joy: and a couple derp characters I kinda want to use for something but reeeally don’t feel like leveling…

If I could just hop on one char for mining/hunting/exploring/gathering/farming, that’d be great. Yeah yeah I know, skill pages. But 5 isn’t enough.

Two things I want:

  1. Fewer total number of characters that I have to switch between.
  2. No gutter skills that simply are not worth investing points into (for me. If you have a double-jump spec’d miner… good job, go you?)

This is easily my favorite suggestion so far for the overall idea of expanding a single skill sheet. Leveling is so much more fun when you have that next skill in mind, and doing it this way would make that last a long, long time.

You still get 4 points per level after 50, and if you need a new skill set fast then you can still buy another skill page. Once any page hits 100 points, the escalating costs kick in. You’d still technically need 3 pages to get ALL of the skills.

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The way I see it… This is not a competitive game where you are versing one another and having extra skills will mean you are going tond dominate the newbs with lesser skills.

Also consider that these characters in 3 digit number of levels already CAN access other skills, but have to swap skill pages with a cooldown to do so. I do not see this as gaining any OP-ness, but rather as a quality-of-life improvement.

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