May I trade a month of sovereign rent now for the same later?

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I Had my second Pfizer sho earlier thids week and have been barfy and sick ever since. This shoud go away soon but I’m too ill to deposit cash I have at the bank so I can use it to add a month rent to planet Schrodingers – I would be very greatful if someone would be willing to add a month to Schrodingers and I will add a month to the planet of their choice in a few days when I feel better and can deposit this cash. Thank you in advance, sorry to be begging for help, but I need help.


hey there Solgato - let me help you; I can be online in a few minutes


thank you, i’m stil feeling a bit scrambled but i think imma gonna make it-want me to add time to Huntmore when i’ve got my money sitch in place?

no problem

I let all my old sovereign worlds expire (including Huntmore) and be deleted and I reclaimed all my builds on public worlds; haven’t been playing often enough to justify paying GC and for 3 private worlds or have responsibility for Ultima Hubs, so it’s all gone and I will probably start over sometime (maybe next few weeks or months might see me going back to playing more, but I will have to start building a new base from scratch).

we will meet sometime and decide what to do - no pressure; I am planning on having only one sovereign for when I restart playing and building for good and I will let you know when I’m 100% sure what world it is (I have rolled a few testing worlds last few weeks just to get idea what world tier and what biomes I want)