May the Forum get a "mark all as read" button?


May be I’m blind and don’t see it, but it seems that there is no “mark all as read” button in the “Unread” (“Undead” ;P) and “New” sections of the forum HUD. It’s kinda confusing to remember how many it were the last time to look if there are new ones or not ^^ … So may we get a “mark all as read” button? :blush:

There’s an undead forum? What on earth have I been doing here in the land of the living!?!?


Oups … my fault … I corrected it ^^

It may just be that I’ve had a long day and am tired but
I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say

This just doesn’t make any sense to me at all :confounded:
as to the mark as read concept the forum already kinda does that
when you read a topic the forum remembers what post you left off on and will place a number next to the topic telling you how many new posts have been added since you last looked at it and when you open the topic again it will open it automatically at the last one you read
for instance just looking out there I know that there have been 10 new unread posts since I looked at the favorite Gleam color topic and 26 new posts to the screenshot pinned topic while the topic “Something on the grass” is labeled ‘New’ which means I haven’t looked at it at all yet

I just want to have a “reset” button to click so all are not marked as unread or new anymore. Some topics or posts don’t interest me (they are only a few :wink: ) and I don’t want to have to click through all of them.

In your Unread section you’ll find two buttons at the bottom;-

Do they do what you want?

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doh, the problem if not a native speaker :smiley: … yeah, thanx a lot ^^