Medieval city with 26 careful planned buildings - Join us! - Chisel Town ◄╦►

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Since it’s for an alt I’d actually just be following a building video lol. Didnt design it myself this time.


at the begin it was my plan to start playing in chizzle town, but after visiting it a few times i was so annoyed by the portals with the jump down thing that i stopped visiting it… now they changed that, but now im settlet down sonewhere else =P


Started building this beauty today


I’d join, but I spend most of my time hunting or mining. I don’t have any time to build anything other than a cube


Just dug a big hole and expanding the city! Many more building incoming!


Might use your shop model as inspiration for part of my steampunk base :grin:

Same here; I’m sad I couldn’t be an active member of your guild due to uni and whatnot. Maybe over the summer if your applications stay open that long


I stumbled on Chisel Town, quite by accident. Amazing builds. It gets a person inspired by what can actually be accomplished.


The prestige has suddenly jumped for chisel town…joined up with sunken city of love by the looks of it.

Also, I’ve become Viceroy =D (not actually chisel town member…our builds became contacted through chisels expansiona little while back…not a problem though).

Will enjoy the somewhat meaningless title and I’m sure it won’t last long but kinda fun while it lasts :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, what happened to portal hub?

ps. go go city status?

Whats your definition of prestige bombing

At this point we should rename Sochaltin as Chisel planet. :sunglasses:

I am amazed how this ‘old’ place is still alive and kicking, even after multiple population crash.
I mean, it’s mostly a residential planet dedicated to decorative build. You will never see any serious shopping hub here. Against all odds, there is a pretty decent activity, cool projects pop like mushrooms.

Long life to Chisel Town! :boundless:


hmm… 10chars


just for laughs :slight_smile:

will change it back laters


Now that’s official :laughing:

By the way, big kudos to Sunken City’s core players. They really did change the whole place.
Seeing all these talented people under the same settlement name is a happy outcome.


oh wow, that is a willow tree house! lovely…


What planet is this town on? Was wanting to visit and don’t see here the planet listed. probably missing it; I really need to get some new glasses it seems.


on Sochaltin I

Portal Seekers hub (via Arie portal, off Gloviathos) is right next to Chisel Town proper

or I have portal to them via my shop/build


  • Our new city square project we are going to be building this week (were planning to build today but plans changed). It will feature giant tower all around the city center.
  • In addition to that Chisel Town will have a canal system for all the sneaky people.

  • There is also a big projects on the way, we are going to announce soon :slight_smile:
  • Finally, look at these city walls!


Looking forward to seeing your new builds!
BTW what is the situation with your hubs? Closed my portal and returned to the Ps hub as all the planetery portals have been shut down for a while.


@catfud Due to popualtion changes we decided to close it down until it restores (it will eventualy happen). Currently PS and Ultima takes it all and and everyone else also want to build their hubs. Hobbit hub also is very popular + many other I don’t know. It’s just pointless to maintain hubs which cost 300k coins monthly for just EU region and have like no visitors. So we will open them once again when population is high :slight_smile:


Rly nice stuff karo. Looking forward to see those towers rising.


Everything looks great and things are less run down feeling. But I do miss seeing sunken city when I enter