Medieval city with 26 careful planned buildings - Join us! - Chisel Town ◄╦►

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Welcome to Chisel Town

Enough said, what is ChiselTown?

-> City full of well designed buildings and megabuilds
-> No blocky houses, unfinished buildings and random roads
-> City of dedicated people creating helpful community.

Why Chisel Town?

-> We have an extensive protection system with huge amounts of plots preventing griefers from interrupting our projects.
-> Our leaders have many years of experience running group of Builders back in minecraft, we always provide a support with designs and care about citizens.
-> We know how to properly run a town, this is our 4th town project and we learned a lot on other three.
-> After some time while other towns will become abandoned or messy, Chisel Town will be a lively, still evolving place, a real town.

Who can join and how?

Anybody. You can make your building yourself or we can help you with that.


Discord Invite Link: Click Me


some may be outdated




I have a base near here, and noticed the house covered in white gleam go up. It’s a lovely town, good stuff. :slight_smile:

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I had a private tour when only the first building was built and was very impressed with how quickly they’d finished the 1st project. Definitely a city worth revisiting

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I fell in love with the ship. It looks like a neat town to build and live :slight_smile:
The old medieval MC feel shining through :heart:


Really good job @Karokendo u organized your crew in no time.

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Lovely work. After getting my feet wet ill be sure to stop by and check out the town😁, and perhaps build a dwelling of my own.

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bumping bumping

I’m happy to announce Chisel Town has over 1 milion prestige now! We also have 3700 plots invested in protection and looking for new citizens!


You’ve plotted right up against my build, Lake, just outside the hub. Was that you trying to say move out the way? My settlement has been absorbed by yours.


Was just trying to build something nice by the lake as there are just a couple of small workshops near by and lots of chiselled ground. Have dismantled my build there and hope you respect my space. thank you.

there is more than a whiff of arrogance in some of the larger groups. had someone from portal seekers stick up a couple of portals right outside my workshop (I’m in a middle of a lake…) yesterday, wondering why I was protesting and today I have another guild put a bunch of plots right against mine.
When will private servers be available :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I actually visited you without knowing you posted here :wink: Didn’t want to interrupt your settlement, but it connected somehow.

I was expanding size of anti-griefing beacon.

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Well, you plotted right up against mine. Kinda hard to miss.
But I’ve taken away a few plots so hopefully your anit-griefing zone is now large enough. Talk to me if not.


This is not an attack against Chisel Town, this is a great place with nice people.
But I believe over-protection goes against growth. I see more and more settlement doing this (mostly veteran players) and then recruiting on forums. Imo it’s slightly paradoxical. Want more players? Open your arms as much as your own settlement rules allow it (and it doesn’t hurt to break them times to times).

I know I am not going to make a lot of friend with this kind of comment. :sweat_smile:
Just trying to raise some awareness and wishing for a more chill-out climate among all players.


Yeah I get what you mean. But after having experience with 3 other towns that failed, we preffer to secure everything. If someone wants to expand their house, they can aways ask us to unplot some land.

I wish people were actually building good looking stuff I not leave as soon as they start it, but that’s my wish… Maybe we will change that because it’s one of Chisel Knights goals :wink: More info on that later.


I think two of my young alts rough bases may be in the way of you if you’ve now expanded over towards the Lake side. I was going to build there but not until my main place is more up to scratch (slow progress with a baby :slight_smile: ). I thought I was out of the way as you seemed to plot over the other side but now some other minor bases have joined me to the settlement. I only wanted to be within reach of the portal hub though so happy to move along a bit if I’m messing up your plans.

(P.S. It’s not me chiselling the ground around my plots into an ugly mess :confused: )

Here is a couple of new screenshots of recent development in the town.


Just a few progress pics of my house. Still a lot of chiseling to do plus interior decorations but it’s getting there :smiley:


@catfud it happened again :joy: I’m sorry. I will unplot the small part to separate settlements in just a moment…

yeah, no problem…just have to change name back on my settlement…all good

we did a great job to built a awesome chisel town. so much effort work hard around clock to complete before the day of official release 2 day ago. folks, come and visit the settlement of chisel town. :smiley: