Medieval city with 26 careful planned buildings - Join us! - Chisel Town ◄╦►

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I always make a round in Chiesel Town to some shopping and see the awesome builds in there. One of my favourite place.


Something like this sounds super cool to take part in but as someone new to the game it feels…I guess overwhelming is the word. Like how would one get there, what does becoming a citizen mean etc.

become citizen, receive benefit from guild that can help folks who in need for resource alike in a exchange what we later need in return. almost alike trade something etc…

we always welcome new folks and help others out with something that unsure how or what to do :smiley:

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Can I join?

You are welcome to join and we also have discord

for anyone new folks like to join chisel town. also we have a guild on discord.

here the link to find us :smiley:

Chisel Town is growing! We now have half-constructed city walls and section for everyone to build - without restrictions, just by the city walls.

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JHi, I’m a new player and while wandering around I found a burnt out beacon by one of your portals to my world. I couldn’t believe my luck. I built a small shop on it. Since then I’ve realised this is, if not against Code of Conduct, then against the spirit of the game and that the sign on the adjoining plot is referring to the plot I snagged!

So if you want to meet up in game I’ll gladly destroy the beacon so you can have it. I’m Etch in game.

Edit: turns out the area actually belongs to portal seekers and not chisel town. It’s just next to it. So not sure how in the wrong I was anyway. It’s all very murky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m proud to announce, we have become the capital of Sochaltin! There will be a strong competition with other cities for sure, but for now we are growing bigger and bigger. Everyone is welcome!


A suited title for one of the most beautifull town on the planet. :tada:
I would be glad to settle here, to enjoy the sun and the cute gardens.
However…the other half of my chaotic soul would not survive without the wild and decadent SuNken ToWn :skull:.
(who just got a better suited name now).

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We’re hosting small event in our town. Each of our guild members will be building a medium sized house in chisel town over the next week. Everyone else is also free to join!

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It’s looking quite nice. Might have to set up an outpost in the city too now :slight_smile:

Can I build the treehouse from adventure time here? :slight_smile: need to house an alt haha

Something like that would look great

However I’m certain we’d need to make a design of this building in Magica Voxel.

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Freestyle is the best style :))


Since it’s for an alt I’d actually just be following a building video lol. Didnt design it myself this time.

at the begin it was my plan to start playing in chizzle town, but after visiting it a few times i was so annoyed by the portals with the jump down thing that i stopped visiting it… now they changed that, but now im settlet down sonewhere else =P

Started building this beauty today


I’d join, but I spend most of my time hunting or mining. I don’t have any time to build anything other than a cube

Just dug a big hole and expanding the city! Many more building incoming!