Mega Build Concept: Planetary Spark Grid

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Hai! :blush: I’m Atreark(Atlas in-game) I’ve been playing on and off since 2015ish.
I had a wild idea on my way to work one day…Now as I type this, I definitely see this as a huge and maybe unnecessary creation with lots of ‘plot holes’ BUT I wanted to hear others thoughts.

(resource efficiency aside LOL) Is it possible to create a sparkgrid for an entire planet? (Ideally a sovereign planet or even smaller scale for a crafters village or mall)

Clusters of generators every 100 cords, and players could hook up to these main stations for constant spark.
After typing this out I realized that spark is only half of the crafting…and that players ultimately need coils to progress. Still an interesting thought experiment :slightly_smiling_face:


Because the spark can’t pass through the other generators, each person would still only be able to see the nearest generators, though.


Its possible but not the way i assume you want it.

If you are attempting to connect all these spark generator together it won’t work since they are limited to 100 links per face. So in theory you would need to have a new set of generator spaced out by 200 blocks away if you go with straight spark lines for each set .

You would need to feed every set of generator with spark. How many it would need would depends of the planets size which is kinda a lot anyways for the smallest one.

Edit: I just saw you were saying clusters of generators. So yeah its possible gonna be a big chore to refuel all this imo.


Thanks for the replies! I look forward to my next discussion.