Merge Characters

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With the new skill system, it seems some of my alts are no longer needed, if it had been this system from the outset I would have stuck with one or two main characters, which would make progression and levelling easier as I could work on multiple things with each character. This would also make it much more possible for me to get more feats for one char so aiming towards the feat steam achievement (when it becomes achievable (boundless is one of the games I want to 100%)) .

This may be more complicated than needed, as if you have no way of switching the owner of a beacon this could end up being complicated to implement, but thought I would throw it out there…

If I’m not Mistaken merging characters can be exploited real quick when it comes to plots so merge Characters but lose the plots of the merging character sounds better lol

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I always forget about exploits. Is this because you get more plots in the early levels? I thought it was more later… or something I’m missing?

It’s really easy to level up your character to lvl 50, gain a lot of Cubits faster for plots just to transfer it to your main character it would break the game if implemented lol

So you do get more cubits in the first 50lvls, didn’t realise that.

Well scrap that then…

But trasfering Beacon ownership would be nice if the required plots is met with character you use boop


Could be a limited thing that can only happen once per account though. Cause it would absolutely require a dev to do it for the player


This and also maybe allowing a beacon to be put up for sale “For sale: price 1000000 coin, requires 200 plots…”