Merging Cities


yes they can even if someone has a town smaller then mine and i touch them
with my plots i get the rights to name it as one big town if my prestige is bigger then theirs


Sounds nice.


Wouldn’t the city/mayor have plotted and own all these already? And this is a case where we could bring in the minimum prestige requirement. Say the option to opt-out does not become available until reaching 10k prestige.

Past that, the whole mayoral and guild systems are a much larger, more complicated topic.


It is my understanding that initially the mayor could have them plotted but then removes/relinquishes them the player wanting to build in that area. This is so the mayor does not use up all of their own personal plots.


From my understanding that is how it works now, yes.

As for some type of ‘imminent domain’ where a city or guild can forcibly return a plot to the city/guild, that would be more part of the mayor/city and guild systems than the current beacon system, i think.

Also, I have no idea what the plans for those are, if any, but I’ve heard mention of guilds owning plots, or having them contributed by players to the guild’s own plot count. At that point they can keep all those city plots in the guild or city’s shared plot count and not hand them out to players, only give them access, if that is the way they choose to run that city or area.



I can see future capital wars if we get pvp. Many will perish in the name of prestige xD. I do think there shouldn’t be unwilling merges of settlements tho


I like the idea of a one plot neutral area between beacons, that can’t be broken unless the two beacons owners are friends. And if they are friends the friend that links the two plots keeps the town name, if the link is broken it goes back to the original names.
And a few options for how the neutral area will work on the beacon.
How many plots are to be used for neutral area, 1 unused plot = 4 neutral plots or something
Can friends currently add beacons next to your settlement
Can friends/anyone add road next to settlement

And for roads,
A road beacon is placed on the first plot “not in a settlement” in the neutral plots on both sides, roads wouldn’t add to any settlement.

Several settlements linked by roads gets another name a country or something


What is the defined prestige rating?