Merging Cities


If I have a build that has reached Hamlet status (10,000 prestige) and someone builds a road to me from a Village (250,000) prestige, is my Hamlet merged into the Village or does it stay a Hamlet?

My concern is that if a group of people want to have their own town and another groups just wants to be the biggest city, can they not just build roads to absorb the others? If this is possible, should it be allowed or should a build that has reached a certain size (Hamlet or Village) be able to choose, if they want to be absorbed? I can see circumstances where people might want to merge their cities and I can see instances where they may not. Having the options might be best.

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I had the exact same concerns :wink:

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I did not see this when I searched. . I see the developers are considering what to do. I agree with you, you can really upset people if you let them be assimilated without any consideration. Maybe if two builds with prestige of at least 10,000 each do meet, then maybe an option in the beacon belonging to the Mayor could say, merge with (name of other build) yes or no. Each build would have to agree just like becoming friends.

If the prestige is under 10,000 should that also require an option? The reason for my question is if there is just a beacon and a workbench, should that person also have the option? what if it is abandoned like so many are and in the way of a town expanding? I would say under 10,000 prestige you do get absorbed, but that is just my opinion.


I agree - under 10k should still be absorbed so people can band together naturally (and people can actually join a town), but over should require consent from the mayor of the small settlement.


I agree that it should be addressed. My wife likes to make roads but if she builds too close to stuff it either envelopes them, or our settlement gets absorbed into a larger one. It’s almost like a game! :slight_smile:

My suggestions would be:
There should be a Nearby tab that lists settlements in your vicinity, along with some of the base info you see when you are a member of the settlement. You can join or leave any of these settlements you choose, or set your beacon to solitary so it won’t auto-join with new settlements.

Similarly the mayor should be able to set a settlement to be unjoinable, and perhaps be able to remove beacons from the charter if needed.


If this was maybe brought up because of Critonia on Berlyn that is building a floating road across the whole planet and has starting expanding roads to settlements in the area to become the Capital. I plan to reach out to them if they get close to Eden and tell them I have no interest in becoming part of their city and to stop the road link. I am sure with some discussion we can work things out.

If they continue it would start to fall into player harassment and griefing which we are working on solving with new game terms…

I think the whole system should be a selection and not an automatic absorption of a place. Are we really going to promote eminent domain from governments in this game? That isn’t fair if you are building a place by a lake and some big city comes and takes over. Even if you are now stuck BEING IN the city, you should at least be able to not be part of the settlement if you didn’t want it.


How high is their prestige now? I doubt they can absorb enough towns to overtake the capital, but I’d be pretty upset if they use this method to overtake New Berlyn, then absorb it. I’ve got over a year of work in that capital.


I have the same question - I’ve been building roads, because I like roads.
I didn’t want my build to automatically get merged into whatever the most powerful city I’m connected to is.

Maybe a special kind of plot explicitly for roads that doesn’t auto-merge cities?


perhaps sign posts instead of beacons for roads so not only can you define them as separate but nice little aesthetic piece too :slight_smile: what do you think @GotMittens?


Sure, sounds good.
Maybe with the ability to inscribe custom glyphs on the signposts. Wouldn’t that be neat?


im on board would really add to the game and make pathfinders such as yourself a viable role to play :slight_smile:


@Havok40k I haven’t done a full accounting but they are 10% and now #2 on list at 630k or so. They are using gleam to outline the floating road and have a few other roads connecting to various houses, etc. They did build around a tower in the area and I assume it was owned by one of the people doing this. I’m not sure how much of the road is complete… 50-65% maybe… Of course I have no proof they are doing this to take over #1.

@Glychi Yeah I think that should go into a suggestion topic and we have something where plots can be designated as a road and are separate or something…


already done some time ago, managed to unearth two topics on this subject:

both quite old but you might like to go through them to see what people came up with


Cool… good find. Wish we knew their roadmap on some of these things so we could refresh the topics and fine tune the suggestions for new ideas, etc.


even though there is a devlog category in here, its true an actual list of features in progress would be nice;

best we got so far is the irregularly posted reports on what’s been on devs agenda, but thats a retrospective thing;

heres the last one:


Actually by my calculations if they absorb Eden and one of the other developments close to 400k prestige, they could become the new capital.

If they come to close to Eden, I might have to build a gleam tower in order to add more prestige to Eden. . I have the equivalent of 500k prestige in refined gleam in storage now. Not how I think you should gain prestige, but to prevent Eden from becoming part of their town, I have considered it.


No worries, we negotiated a stand down last night, with the threat of preemptive annexation if they started moving toward any other settlements. As long as they stay on their projected path and loop around the world, no further settlements will be affected. It’s already too late for tillweed market though.

We also boosted New Berlyn’s prestige by 600k last night thanks to a huge surge of community aid! Thanks everyone who helped with that, it was super fun!

Also, @Xaldafax and I developed an insurance policy in case they go back on their world, but I doubt it will need to be implemented.


Yeah we talked with them and they clearly said they had no interest in taking over any towns and just wanted to complete their road only. In fact they even said from what they could tell their floating road will not affect anyone else. So it was just a misunderstanding that is now resolved. Here is even what one of their players said to show:

SaltySloth: Treaty of Horti Dingtonelig has been ratified this day of October 20 2017.

so one of the first Boundless treaties has been completed and agreed to. I will probably be doing a post suggestion on a treaty or agreement type component to the game for the developers to consider.


I can appreciate the fact that in this instance the parties reached an agreement. However, I still believe that it would be in the best interest of the game to allow people the option of not being assimilated.

If I had built up a city and then someone built a road just to absorb my city, I would be pretty upset. Someone removing my ability to reach certain feats (creating a hamlet, village, town, city, etc.) without my ability to control it seems unfair at best.


We have already discussed a solution to this in another thread on the forum - the plan is that: Settlements can’t be merged into any other Settlement once they achieve a defined prestige rating.