'Merica! Or if not American celebrate life in general!






You raining on my MERICA parade!

…Meanwhile, at The Dome…


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Who removed my post I had to edit it back to general! I’m wishing everyone a happy 4th of July!

Was that one of your own home movies friend?

Yeah I totally didn’t see that one coming. :joy:

Guess they want it to be marked OFF TOPIC! NO ONE WILL KNOW TO HAVE A GOOD 4th of July!

Go eat a freedom cookie.

Edited for clarity, haha. Happy 4th, bud.

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Ooh cookies nom nom

I moved this back to general. I know it’s not about boundless. Though I have made post in the past that had nothing to do with boundless and it was left in general. This is wishing everyone a happy 4th. Even if you are not American. Celebrate life for how good it is! I wish everyone the best and enjoy. If this does get edited again I guess I give up, but marking the post as off topic makes it not even show in the forum list which is quite disheartening when you want to wish people the best!


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mhhh … All americans have a nice holiday! I think it was pushed into the off topic area, because the day is just for Americans! … I’m from Germany and the 4th of July is a normal day like any other! But if every country posts their holidays, it will be very busy! In germany, for example, there are holidays in the south of the country, which do not exist in the north of the country ^^ because it is already problematic hehe … But still: All Americans a nice 4 July!


I support any holiday that is about drinking beer, eating good food, and hanging out with friends. :thinking: Hmm, that sounds like a day in boundless now that I think about it.

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You have an amazing day as well! When you look at the sun make sure to smile and remember…life is beautiful!

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hehehe - Unfortunately, it is already 21 clock and a bit cloudy! But I know exactly what you mean and you’re right ?!

How do you say the same: If you put the lives of lemons in the way, then make lemonade out of it!



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