Metal blocks without borders?

Want to make sure I’m not just missing soemthing…is there a metal block that doesn’t have…the borders…you know like marble and concrete?


machined has a seamless texture, but other than that, no. you can use ice / glacier as an alternative
(here I’m using hot sepia as ‘copper’ )


It would take a huge amount of art resources, but I would love some kind of deborderification tool or forge effect that switches any of the bordered blocks (refined stone, refined gleam, etc) with a borderless version.


I’d like to see smart textures (as we already got in deco fancy glass) for most regularly used materials like cobble stone, planks, bricks, metals… doesn’t have to be a huge change, just make the texture a bit different at the real edge


@Apt That’s your place? Insanely good use of the marble column thing to make it look like pipes and vent-conduits.

I personally just wish we had more bricks. The metamorphic bricks are ugly as hell, they look so unrefined and primitive, I just never can use them without hating what I’m doing.

At the end of the day, the devs could basically release any new texture-block, I’d be happy about it.


it’s WakeNbake’s paint shop, but I built it ( tnt Lutrion, the building with 2 chimneys)
I was very pleased with the marble border pipes ( can’t do bevelled tho, there’s a rotation bug or something)

I feel the same way about textures. I’d like more of the ambiguous ones that can be used in different contexts as different materials


There’s the higher tier metal block that are seamless too like filigree, circuit board (not sure what are the real name)


whoa, I completely forgot about filigree and circuits. have been building with stone for too long…


I had suggested seamless metal once, the devs seemed to like the idea but no news if it will ever happen =(

Filigree and circuit board are seamless but can get wonky when chiseled.

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Hmmmm. I had hoped for something smooth and shiny like refined but I’m gonna stick filigree in there, see how it looks :))))