Metamorphic Brick 2 - Soldier Coursing

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Hi, I have a very simple suggestion for an alternate meta brick. Being from the construction business, I’m not sure how well-known the term “soldier course brick” is, but it’s when all adjacent bricks stand flush in a line like soldiers. This is quite a common trim in architecture, often as a single row around doorways and windows, or as headers/sills above and below. Easy to find examples on Google.

I propose we add this meta 2 with the same brick style as meta 1, but eliminate the half bricks and have it run 2 full bricks in width from top to bottom. Stone chisels would knock it down to one full brick and would look great for rustic all-brick builds like the one I am gearing up to build.



I believe you may be speaking on this style, this would be a nice addition to see.





I know that term verrrrry well! I’m a mason IRL. We have used a soldier course of stone over the center firebox on some pretty big fireplaces. With the center Stone being taller than the rest.


Im never opposed to more block options :smile: just please don’t increase the recipe cost :joy: