Meteor Hunt Platform owners

It’s definitely a bone of contention. I don’t get why that is, though. If someone builds their build on the ground or sky, you’ll still not be able to extend you’re own build. If it’s the aesthetic aspect, well, it can still look rubbish on the ground. What then? Do we ask people to un-plot their land because we don’t like what they have built? :thinking: I build within my parameters. If I can’t build beyond it, I build up or down the way and live and let live. The hunts on platforms can attract up to 40 -70 players. That’s almost of players that’d get a bit miffed if they start being dismantle. I think.


Because we’re playing the game wrong by using them. The biggest ongoing community events are generated in conjunction with these platforms, but they’re “ugly” and they’re everywhere. The fact that there are many people that only log in regularly to hunt and associated activities goes unseen. It would be interesting to see the steam charts/boundless ninja stats if everybody stopped hunts for a week. I doubt it will happen though, people gotta feed those portals :laughing:

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I agree with all of that.
I might have come over as " i want to build there, move" but that was not my Intention.
As someone who doesnt hunt, because of RL, i only see ugly platforms everwhere :slight_smile:


No, you are entitled to your opinion. I was just feeding off other threads about this particular topic. :hugs: @Xaviien I respectfully disagree, the game is called Boundless, there is no blueprint on how we should play it. As I said, the Devs have been on these platforms with us and didn’t say that we were all playing the game wrong. On the matter of “ugly”, yeah, some are, I can’t disagree there . But…in the nicest possible sense, I have also seen some “ugly” builds on the ground, too, but I don’t care as I accept we each play this game our own way…it’s the point of the game. As long as we are not blocking anyone’s access to their build, being abusive or generally causing trouble, then, let’s accept that - just as in rl - things happen that we don’t like. If I look at something and get annoyed by its existence, then I’m only spoiling the game for myself. Ultimately. I think it’d be great if we were able to rent planets for this reason, but, we can’t. Sadly. It’s not that I don’t have an element of sympathy for those that have issue with platforms. But if we adhere to that then our own freedom to build becomes about someone else’s gameplay. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to admit that I have never seen platforms, but then most of my time when out gathering on planets I focus on what is on the ground, not up in the sky.

For me personally, my only problem with them is that it seems there are no longer any hunts that start on the ground and I am to afraid of heights to get on one and jump off. There is no way I will get on a hunt and do the death jump, as that is what it would be as I have to close my eyes when I jump off a cliff into the water. And that would be even just five feel high (you can laugh at me, I do).

And before someone goes what do you do when you see a mouse, kill it, spiders, scream (literally) for my husband to come and kill it, phobic over them.

Anyhow, I wish they had some that didn’t use the platform but that is life, I can deal with it.

Duskmoor does ground hunts as well as Iconic sometimes.


That’s good to know, will check and find out when they do those. I have started forging and can bring some health bombs with me to give some help also.

Your always welcome at Duskmoor hunts. We usually do ones around 730 pm EST. A few earlier in the day on weekdays recently aswell.

Besides, platform hunting is boring. Your not missing out on much :smile:

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I thought my reply was obvious enough to avoid /s
Sorry for your confusion.

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@Xaviien. :hugs: I apologise for missing the point of what you were saying. Am gonna button my lip now. Lol. :joy:

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Is that every day or on set days or random? I’m disabled and basically homebound so time limit on me, some nights I don’t sleep well due to pain so am up at all hours, times doesn’t matter to me. It is when my back acts up and I had to lay down that will cause me to not be able to join in sometimes. But will do my best. At least I can to some extent hold my own now, LOL

I’m not into using bombs, but will have healing bombs with me to use as needed.

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Thank you for asking , i was feeling too well maybe “out of touch” to ask, or feared being labled noob! If i were new i think i wouldn’t mind asking !

i still dont know what they are lol

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I’m sorry, I could have sworn someone answered that question!

A hunt platform is a structure that sits right on the border at the edge of a region. The hunting groups warps on to the platform just outside the region (e.g. West of Lachus Laconi) and once everyone is there, they open a door and run through to the other side of the platform which is in the centre of the region.
As entering a region is a trigger point for a meteor, the group entering the new region all at the same time gives the best chance of getting the highest level meteor for that group. The warping to each platform saves time running around the planet, making the hunting process much more efficient, and and time spent waiting for meteors to spawn is spent building small statues etc out of the ■■■■ people drop to make space for more loot.

Not really sure why they must be built in the air. Some people have said to ensure creatures don’t attack. I think it helps a lot with visibility and gives a good view of the planet you’re hunting on, at the expense of ruining everyone else’s view.

Hope this answers your question!


Wonderful explanation! Thanks so much!