Meteor hunts (timings)

Hi all,

I went on my first big meteor hunt just the other day and I really enjoyed it (180 oort stone and loads of other goodies and laughs!), by luck I stumbled across a mass gathering of players and just followed, pure luck that I found them! I’m looking to join more hunts in the future but I’ve noticed that there’s not much promotion on timings. I’m in the UK so BST - obviously with life and work factored in, I’m looking for hunts around the time of 8-10pm BST.

If you lead a hunt around that time (or any time) please post here! It’s good promotion and hopefully more players will get involved! Thanks!

Are you in any of the boundless discord servers?

Almost all major hunts get posted in the bot channel of the offical discord, as well as many of the guild discords too.

Theres a link to it in game (cant seem to find one from the server itself right now)

Yeah I think I’m missing a trick here - no I’m not on the discord servers. I’ll have to have a look at them, the forums see pretty dead when it comes to advertising hunts. Thanks for the tip!

Check the looking for group channel. All hunts are posted there. You can even set it to ping you when they’re announced


Found an invite

Under #looking-for-group, theres where they get posted. If you give yourself the hunter role you can get pinged whenever they are run.

Because the bot is across so many discord servers almost every major guild in the game takes advantage of it

Edit - Just realized Venom basically said the exact same thing, mb!

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