Meteor Meet - Before & After


Just Refurbed Meteor Meet.
Wanted To Share Pictures!

Before Pictures

After Pictures
(Still need to change signs)


Looks good if you ask me, love the darker colors!


Is this where players can go to take out meteors as a group.


The Ground one will be used as a meeting area very soon. Just awaiting for more hunt leaders to host from here :slight_smile:


Awesome idea. I will definitely use it some time.


looks nice but i prefered wood style much more :D:D xD


You can see the P.U.R.E hunting hub from your front door though. You have it tied into a t5+ network somewhere during your redesign? I’m sure someone would be more than willing to host that service. I ha ent been to the new redesigned location yet. Only speculating here, don’t punch me.