Meteor support plus improvements

Meteors are a big part of this game so a few changes and fixes should be made.

  1. World regen Bombs remove the loot box preventing players from getting the loot from the meteor we need a fix to stop this from happening.

  2. The portals around a t6 planet meteor often drop out side of meteor range causing people to lose their Meteor Life. Could we get a fix for this maybe double the range.

  3. We have a few ways to make coin in game now some of us would like to earn coin from meteor battles maybe distributed to all people with a meteor life upon completion of the meteor.
    This could be the start of adding new ways and features of getting coin in players pockets.

  4. Going on group hunts is great but often a solo player will trip the meteor causing low levels to fall. could we get some sort of team feature that will group us all together so when one person trips the meteor spawn it acts like we all tripped it. Only makes sense since we all will be involved in the battle when it hits the ground. Was thinking it should mimic the concept in the city of heroes game.

    it displays the players health, energy, and buffs. The display can be transparent or solid you can set it to auto hide or remove it from the screen all together. You can also scale it down or make it bigger. Players in the support role can easily see who needs heals or is dead click there name and it will target them putting Red Cross hairs around the character so you can easily target and make your way to them.

For me would Regen bombs cause the loot box to sit on top of the meteor, but it can’t be opened until the meteor is beaten.

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I feel like this part of the suggestion quoted above deserves a biiiiig up-vote, especially in light of the recent thread of a hunt lead by the Iconic Guild : Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

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