Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

There are people on this hunt regening and creating deep crates. People have asked them to stop. They are Regen bombing the meteor as soon as it is finished. I have submitted 2 reports when the incident happened. I have the name of one of the the players that did this. PLEASE @james can we have something done about the effects of Regen bombs and damage during meteors. I will submit a report Everytime this happens when I see it


Is the hunt still active?

Yea but people leaving we started with over 40 people @majorvex

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Sent 3 reports now maybe 4. I am almost positive it is the same person doing it all…deep craters and then regening them.

Gimme your coords & I’ll come collect some data :wink:
I’m on Bes & I don’t see the group


This is unfortunate. I hope instead of tweaking the regen bombs, these players get punished by disabling their ability to regen at all (for some time first then forever if they continue). This way, they will stop trolling.


They are also bombing the ground by the meteors when people attempt to get the box.

This should not be allowed to happen.

Then disable their ability to use bombs altogether. In fact, it might be funny to use in-game punishments against trolls (before ultimately banning them). Things like being unable to use a tool/weapon totally, using a chisel and getting one of the other 2 chisel types of chiselling at random, reducing their power so they need to wait after each hit, having some very annoying aura play on screen every few seconds, etc. Punishments are endless xD

Edit: Also, having “Troll” written next to their name and having them on “creeping” mode all the time.


I’m just submitted report after report and I will going forward on every hunt it happens


What would Devs do if someone was doing this around someones base???

Wow that’s uncool. Something needs to be done about this.

Y’all put together great/fun hunts, and it’s terrible to see players doing this.


Sry had just seen this message

in response to the crater pic was it directly above a portal? it used to be old hunt meta that you would use bombs to create bomb pens for the ground mobs so that people could focus on the cuddles and loot while people delt with the trapped mobs

No that happened after the meteor was finished. And yes pens can be handy but not 50 block deep ones that you just Regen a min later :stuck_out_tongue: @anon42939288 (always forget to select reply)

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Regen bombing a tower full of players.

the players fell

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I’ve got video. I’ll get it uploaded asap


Yep, that one got me & I fell to the ground. They also hit the meteor. Did yall get the box? I didn’t

Thanks Vex. I hope something is done I filed 7 or 8 reports. Also reported the players.


No I don’t think I was able to find the box. So that’s another form of griefing also right